Disorientated Feelings (Part 42)

Quite some amount of time has passed since I found out about the big secret about me that even I didn't know about. My relationship with my children hasn't really changed since then, but the atmosphere with Itsuki does. I don't know if we are a married couple, or a group of friends hanging out together. I'm confused, especially when the family appears to be made up of three women, some children, but no men. Dig further and you would find out that those three women were previously men, but the children did come from one of them.

Since then, I see gender differences as nothing more than the role played in making an offspring. Nothing more. Studying science since young, I know about this, but I never thought that it applies to me too, though it does help to be knowledgeable about my feelings and not let it take over me. I don't like wearing gender-specific clothes, but being a woman, the shape of my bust is permanently visible no matter what I wear. I don't like it, but my life would be in danger if something wrong happens to these annoying things. Also, I may have longer life expectancy than men, but I could die if something wrong happens during childbirth. Having experienced those a few times, I could say that it's insanely painful. It seem like a sad fate by mother nature that females are designed to give birth to their offspring, and can't do anything about it on her own if  a male makes her pregnant.

I was at my workplace when the receptionist told me that somebody from headquarters wanted to see me personally at one of the rooms that I know are vacant with nobody likely to visit it at this time. She didn't say who it was other than them having a position higher than me. Who could it be? What did I do?

...It was my uncle of all people.

Me: "What are you doing here? You know that the people who worked here are happy with me more than the previous people."

Kenji: "Ah, no it's not about that at all. Well, I noticed that you have entered Mizuho Academy and, based on your behaviour since then, you have found out that you were born a boy. I know, I know, you are confused. Well, I can assure you that you have been biologically completely female since after your gender was changed at that event years ago that your husband might have described to you about, and gave birth to children but..."

Me: "Can you get to your point?"

Kenji: "You have been aware that your husband wears this particular uniform that turns him into a woman, right? Well, you can't see the children born from you, right?"

How is my husband becoming a woman, and me not able to see my children related?

Kenji: "Well, I am suggesting to you to have another child by making Itsuki pregnant while in his female form. We don't know if he would permanently become female, having the pregnancy being cancelled if he removes the uniform, or still remain pregnant even after turning back into male. For the second possibility, we don't know if it would resume if he puts it back on."

Huh? Me making Itsuki pregnant?

Kenji: "The urgency is because of the population decline from lack of births. Studies shows that by having the population to be two-thirds female or more, instead of the current of less than half, is the solution to this. Men can make a woman pregnant and easily move on to another almost instantly, but a woman could only become pregnant for eight months at a time, just for one child. We have no control over this duration. This explains the need to have more women than men, so more children could be made at the same time. At the current situation, we need to change laws, and turn about half of the male population into females. Priority would be given to the males who don't mind becoming female, the inter-sexed, and people who had already gone through gender reassignment surgery. Because the method used, it can change the body completely. So the disabled, those suffering from health problems, the elderly who "want to become young again", and those who want to "restart their life" can be included should there not be enough too. The amazing part of this is that people with disabilities like amputated limbs would find it growing back. We are also checking that, should the male population somehow become extinct, that women could still have a child using stem cells. The drawback to this is that since all traces of being male are erased, they could never become a male again, though they can produce a male child. However, "

Sometimes I wonder if he has a fetish of turning men into women or treats woman like a baby-making machine, but it's true that the population is declining, and there are currently more men than women. Also, the child born from my husband would be confused that Itsuki is the mother, but its siblings would say that I'm their mother instead. Me being the mother of these children, and father of the other, and the opposite for my husband, with the only similarity that they are both our children and have both of our genes.

Me: "Er, how do you expect me to be able to do that? I'm a woman myself... and you just said that people like me can't become a man."

Kenji: "Well, we just need both the blood during your period, and that sticky substance your body releases only when your arousal level is quite high. We would turn it into something that can make your husband pregnant."

I kind of know what he's talking about.

Me: "Does my husband know about this?"

Kenji: "About making him bare a child? No. It's fun to see people's reaction when forced to do something."

I could foresee a lot of confusion taking place.


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