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Chasing After Rainbows: Dad, we don't need a car

12 December 2011

Dad, we don't need a car

Dad, I want you to sell the car instead of getting a new one for the following reasons:
1. Tax
2. Depreciation in car value over time
3. Maintence costs, including other expenses and inconviences that may happen because of it.
4. Cost of fuel rising and pollution it causes
4a. Calculating the cost per liter, and fuel consumption, it's already clear that a train fare of the same distance is less.
5. There is a direct train form the house to the workplace, and the time you head to, or leave from, work is within operation hours.
6. Parking and toll fees
7. I usually never hear you taking the public transport.

Don't you see the expenses? You probably don't as total price per trip is not shown in your face. Can't you at least see the price of fuel and parking at least?

I don't know how much more money there would be in the household as you had drove cars for about 15 years now, and a motorcycle for some number of years before you married mum.

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