Teary Promise (Part 12)

If Hisakawa said that she had met my brother inside Mizuho, she must have known about his body changing. I mean, my brother and I go to the same school and, having seen a recent picture of me and my family (most likely the one taken during my entrance ceremony day last year), and knowing that me and my brother could look like the other if one of us tries to dress like one. I've seen my brother returning home directly from Mizuho, and if people saw him, they could easily mistake him as me in my school uniform, though he looks a bit different and I'm not well known enough on top of that for something to possibly happen. What I'm afraid of is not knowing if Hisakawa has already told my mother about it.

Also, I knew I had the sense of familiarity when I first saw her on the plane, because she's the same person as the computer club president that I met at the Kamisugi High school festival. Her wearing a name tag that clearly reads as "Haneda Kanade" even though her name is something completely different is very distracting. I didn't dare to ask her about it.


When I woke up, my mind wondered where I was until I remembered that I was in the hotel on a school field trip. It's like I had been booted up without my memory loaded until later on. When my senses came about, I heard the shower being used. There's no one besides my mom's big boss sleeping in the same room with me, so it should be her. I walked past the bathroom door and...

The door wasn't closed, and Hisakawa-san is visibly taking a shower while still wearing the same thing I saw her wearing the whole of yesterday. Who on earth take a shower with their clothes on?! Is she crazy?!

Hisakawa-san noticed me and turn the tap off. Her clothes seem unusually dry considering that water was splashed on her whole body just a few seconds ago. Huh? Am I seeing things? She's as dry as if she didn't take a shower at all, but there's water splashed around her, including the floor she's standing on.

Hisakawa: "Er... This uniform is somewhat like my skin. That's why the water bounced off, or you never saw me changing out of it. I can assure you that this outfit handles all the things my body needs by itself without me doing anything as..."

I didn't get what she said to me as she used terms I wouldn't expect to hear from her, or be mentioned the first thing right after waking up. From what I understand, she can't do anything about what she wears.

Hisakawa told me more of herself: her body is biologically around my age, but is actually 6 years older. She seemed to have be cursed by something that doesn't allow her to age or die. I didn't know such thing exists in real life, though things in my life has somewhat become illogical since I first witnessed my brother being transformed into a girl.

Hisakawa added that she cares more about Hatsuya more than Powell. Everyone knows that Powell competes with Hatsuya, but hearing that form the very person who founded that company to prefer a rival company over her own is something.

Me: "Are you saying that your staff disagrees with you?"

Hisakawa: "To tell you the truth, I never founded that company: A me of an another dimension did. Although it was officially founded 10 years ago, it never actually existed in this dimension until 4 years later. I was already working for Hatsuya before its sudden existance in this dimension. Of course, Hatsuya has a way of identifying their staff from a different time and dimension, and knowing if something has happened to them. Hatsuya is aware of my situation with Powell, but not the opposite."

It took me a while for me to get what she just said.

Me: "Huh? Powell did not exist until 6 years ago? Wasn't mum working for it for longer than that? I also remember Powell being mentioned from that time too."

Hisakawa: "Well, when the company suddenly existed, people's memories were also modified to not notice its sudden existence. The site it sits on before it appeared is, like what the company history says, was a large abandoned mansion, just simply untouched for a bit longer. The Powell employees could possibly be working for a completely different company just the day before it happened. If I'm not wrong, your family moving to your current house could be the result of this. Your mother could possibly be a housewife or was working for a company near where you previously lived. You could say my actions caused this, but, in truth, I have no control over it or knew that this would happen. I'm afraid I don't know how to undo it too."

I don't know if she's lying or not as having people's memories modified, including things associated with it, is hard to prove. I mean, if my memory has been modified already, I wouldn't know what it was like before it happened, especially if there were no hints pointing to it. Then again, my family moving to a town far away from the capital I grew up in is a hint. I don't even know if my own life is real or a super advanced system where every single object has it's own physics and texture rendering even more advanced that the latest video games I know of.

Hisakawa must be a strong person to comfortably manage something a normal person would find too much.


After breakfast, students were briefed of the itinerary. Due to the amount of students, they would go in their own groups when traveling in a large group is a bad idea, especially through crowded urban areas. The students were glad that they could form groups with students of other classes. For safety reasons, groups with less than 5 female students each should have a school staff. Male students could travel in groups of 2 or more without a need of a teacher, though the group can include female students. This means that a group with only 3 females without a teacher is allowed only if at least 1 male student or another 2 female students joins them. There is no gender ratio specified. This is also an obvious opportunity for couples to be together, except that I don't have anyone.

Students who aren't in any groups could form a team with each other, or join with a school staff, including ones who are already part of an another team. Of course, there are some specific needs, or someone a student can't join with. It sounds complicated to sort out, especially since the students are free to choose whoever they like and weren't grouped before the trip.

I would like to talk about the new things I encountered, but this is about me and not a travel guide of a city I'm not familiar with.

Not having any males that I know of, I joined a group of girls that had people I meet regularly. I mean, I would like Takuya to be with me, but he's... passed on. We went to a lot of places, but the excitement isn't exactly there with the people I'm with. It's hard to get over this sadness, but I still have my feelings attached to him.


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