Alternate Dimension (Part 81)

Kotomi has made it clear that she doesn't want to be a housewife, contrary to what most woman usually do, but that's declining in recent years with many married couples. Well, this isn't exactly surprising to me as she seems to be the career woman, but relaxed enough to think about family. If she works at what she's interested in, she could do well in it. Although, working environment and treatment by co-workers are contributing factors.

It seem that almost right after Kotomi said that she doesn't want to be a housewife on being married, Hatsuya as informed me and Itsuki that our working schedule might change. I was originally meant to do everything, but because my schedule includes being Mizuho student and Powell boss, which can't be changed, those times, including the buffer period around it, would have Itsuki or someone to take over. The children would have to be trained to not rely on their parents too much, but at the same time not doing it cruelly.

Maybe it would be less of a burden if the child who is old enough to take care of themselves be able to take care of their younger siblings, but someone whom they see as a parent is needed to be present to ensure that they don't get out of hand. The main problem is that both Itsuki and Kotomi look like the kind of couple who doesn't seem to know how to handle their own children. However, they noted that I seem to be giving out the same "aura" as Itsuki, so the children could also see me as a parent too, and Hatsuya could directly help me in taking care of them. I could understand that they could think of me as their father as a young child, but as they get older, what would they think of me as? Hopefully as their aunt or something.

Of course, the children in question have yet to exist at the present moment.


I now found myself as the student of the college section of the Mizuho Academy instead of the high school section just some months ago. It's kind of hard to believe as I thought that I would be doomed to be forever stuck in an infinite loop to be a high school student.

Like other Mizuho uniforms, you would automatically find yourself wearing what you are assigned upon stepping in, including correcting the wrong versions being worn. Although most colleges have some set of rules over what they can't wear, and more specifics if they are in particular courses, they don't have a uniform. The college section of Mizuho seem to be the only college to actually still require a uniform, though not sure if this is mainly because its campus is located a place where everyone, including visitors, has to wear one (and turning them into beautiful young ladies on wearing it on top of that).

The college uniform is what appears to be like a formal business outfit, but in several different colours, with red being the most prominent colour of it. Unlike the high school version, the skirt of the college version doesn't exactly allow your legs to move about freely, but enough to be able to walk comfortably. Black stockings and court shoes seems to be part of the college uniform too. I've seen people wearing these before, but I never thought that it belonged to the college. This is partly because the new uniforms were introduced to all sections in Mizuho just last year, and everyone was wearing the same thing before that, which is based on the high school and, appearance-wise, has been unchanged since it was founded decades ago.

A brief history of the college here. The college was first established around the time my parents were born, decades after the high school was founded. The classes were located at many different places, grouped by type of course, that are quite some distance from each other. This oddity is reflected with the present campus at seemingly random floors of what appears to be a normal office building on the outside.

Of course, back when it was established, there are both male and female students and there were no uniforms. I don't know what happened, but either the founder of Mizuho and someone high up at Hatsuya to form the current campus came up with a female-only campus. It doesn't seem like anything is odd about it, until you realize that, even now, they still accept male students. Existing male students at the time of the move still remained as students at the new campus instead of being kicked out, or the school not accepting new male students in the years prior to the move. Somewhere in the lengthy terms and conditions on the entry forms since the batch that would graduate at the new campus, this is actually stated, but positioned in a way that it could be overlooked easily unless the whole thing has been read in detail. Having the impression that it's a girls-only academy, the amount of males that enter Mizuho is actually quite small. Entry requirements for females are the same as what you would expect of highly ranked colleges, though, for males, the minimum requirement is just completing mandatory education regardless of results or had forgotten what has been taught. In Japan, mandatory education starts from primary school, up until the completion of middle school. This also means that guys who dropped out of high school or failed entrance tests could actually join this top college. College fees for them are actually the same as that of a normal high school. I'll explain what's the catch behind this.

It's not officially mentioned, but males would be transformed into females on stepping in the current campus, with any masculinity completely replaced by feminine ones. If their names are not gender-neutral, have a new (female-specific) name assigned them. The academy is not forcing the change to become female permanent, but them having a female body and behaviour at the stage of adolescence during their entire time of studies there means that they have developed the female mentality. On top of that, them and actual females are made vulnerable to be affectionate with any single men (who is not evil) they get stared by, even if they never saw the men staring at them. The only ones who don't are those who already have someone else, and those who work for Hatsuya.

So, in other words, they are indirectly forcing the men to become a woman, but making it look like it was the man who did it with his own will. Once the change has become permanent, everyone would think that they were born female, with any evidence of their former selves "magically" altered to fit with their new selves. Only the higher ups of Mizuho, and a handful of people from Hatsuya, knows who these people are after the change. The only people I know who had went through this is Hitoko, though she was never a Mizuho student but went through the same process.

What does an average Mizuho student look like? Well, they are well mannered, flawless skin, and take care of their hygiene seriously. If you could smell, there's the faint smell of the soap and shampoo they used and you won't even smell any body odour (or see them sweat) even if you are near someone who has been working outdoors the whole day. Being females, that also means that they look naturally beautiful and attractive with large breasts that everyone at Mizuho seems to have the same size of.

Speaking of that, Mizuho has also taken measures that the girls can't wear anything that the academy consider ugly or male-like. (This also applies to males as they are technically biologically female in Mizuho) The skirt that is part of the uniform they are wearing can't be removed without removing the whole uniform, which itself has complicated conditions to meet to be able to do so. The only thing that could be worn inside the skirt are stockings. For the outside, only part of clothes for the upper body or an another skirt could be worn over it. This other skirt is allowed to cover the whole leg while curled up, but must not be longer than that of the first-generation high school uniform while standing. The size of the breasts, that Mizuho has adjusted everyone to have the same size that I mentioned earlier, are such that they can't hide the shape of the breasts despite what is being worn over, or be able to wear men's clothes without feeling extremely uncomfortable, which indirectly prevents them from crossdressing. This Mizuho skirt, when worn, could only be lifted by the one wearing it at their own will, so even if there's strong wind from below, someone else trying to lift it up, or somehow be turned upside-down, the skirt would magically not follow the force of gravity or external forces and remain in the direction towards the feet.

I don't know what were those "important" people were thinking. They also made sure that those who had not been to Mizuho before to not know about the part about having males being turned into females, not even from those who had been there. Some kind of magic would happen to ensure that this is also not revealed through any recording medium taken there.

As far as ethics is concerned, you could get away without any negative impact if you repeatedly did something that is considered rude or disrespectful by local (Japanese) customs, but nothing wrong in other countries or limitations by the Mizuho uniform to not be able to physically do certain things. This includes calling someone superior by only their given name without any suffix, walking on a tatami mat with shoes on, or even not bowing at all. I think it was a great idea to avoid prejudice and discrimination by not having the cause come into the picture, though I think the way Mizuho did it (by having everyone to look like local girls of roughly the same age) is taking that saying too literally.

Oh, as to how people learn here, you must be wondering why there are two extreme differences for entry requirements

The people in Mizuho are not likely to notice anything strange from their point of view as most of the facts I mentioned earlier are relatively unknown to them. Of course, you wouldn't know if your mind had been altered if memories and things relating to what has been altered matches the changes perfectly, including your body. I know, as the same thing happened to me, but with the mistake being leaving my old memories intact enough to quickly realize that my actions in my "brainwashed" state does not match with my memories at all.

Since then, I've mostly recovered, but I can't change my behaviour to what it was before, despite knowing what it was. I've also been told that a part of my brain was damaged in the process, which now makes me unable to express anger. I now find myself expressing sadness when I feel anger, which makes me very confused when I find myself crying a lot when I feel extremely angry instead.


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