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Browsing through the numerous twitter accounts, I came across quite a number of people that self-proclaim as an "otaku". Looking at their description, I can't help but to notice that mainstream anime (eg. Bleach, Naruto) gets mentioned a lot. With services like Crunchyroll, this has been diluted as people are more exposed to a wider and more recent ones.

I've been cleaning up my room for the past few week, but progress is rather slow. This is not only because of the usual daily things, but not having the mood to do it or being distracted by something else.

From what I've cleaned up, I've accumulate about 5 bags (the kind you get from shopping at the supermarket) that has been filled full to the brim filled with things that I now realize are just trash that has accumulated over the years or things that don't work now. They each seem to have quite some weight. There were some things that had been thrown out, but cleaning up one area messes up an another, and there are some that I just don't know what to do with.

If you think that's not enough, you should see the junk that dad brings home from time to time and chucks it to some corner of the house only to be forgotten for a long time. By a long time, I mean years, and thick layers of dust. I don't know how I would do this by myself...


Kamio Misuzu said…
Maybe they're vague-otaku, they specialize in the mainstream!

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