Disorientated Feelings (Part 38)

I'm running low on options of who to ask on getting to Mizuho: I could ask my husband, but he might tell Saeko, who isn't supposed to know. Neither could I ask my family or other Hatsuya staff, who are sadly the only other group I know well... Oh wait. That store where I bought my Katsura High uniform might know where: they make uniforms of many kinds. The karaoke box just opposite it was also where I spent my last days as a middle school student with my friends from there, so I know where it is.

Me: "Excuse me. Do you have any uniforms for Mizuho Girls Academy?"

The store attendant looked though a list, thought for a while, and asked someone I couldn't see inside the staff area.

Store attendant: "I'm sorry to say this, but we don't sell any here.
We did hear that you will automatically be wearing it the instant you step into their campus. Your status there will determine which version you would be wearing. We recommend you wear your the kind you would throw away since it would be transformed into the uniform and can't be turned back for the first time, but subsequent visits would have the outfits be swapped if you weren't wearing it."

What? They don't even sell it? This store has uniforms of all the schools and businesses in the prefecture except Mizuho?! Anyone with a diploma or a degree from there is treated with respect since it's known for its students scoring nearly full marks with no failures in difficult tests, so I find it odd that they don't even stock it.

Store attendant: "It's that school's policy to not have their uniforms be sold since they move to their current campus some decades ago. The official reason they gave is that they don't want it to be abused. It used to be a co-ed school, though with more females than males. The female uniform from before it moved to the current campus has been the same since the school was established. The ones from the first 20 or so years looked the same as the previous one, but was different enough to only want to produce it themselves. The design after that, the current one, was a completely different design that you would think it belonged to an another school."

The attendant also showed the pictures of the various uniforms, including a male uniform. Something's odd. It's more common for a girls' or boys' school to convert to a co-ed school, but going in the opposite direction is unheard of. I didn't even know that Mizuho used to be co-ed.

Me: "Well, at least tell me where the academy is. Someone who works in here has invited me to go there."

She gave me the directions to the school, which is in the hills outside the city where the headquarters of Saeko's company is located. The entrance from the nearest train station is designed in such a way that you couldn't tell if someone not in uniform is heading to the school or the nearby town. The difference of vegetation and style of the footpath is obvious with an unmarked straight line that must be followed. There is also no security fence visible at all It's almost like a checkpoint entering another country.

Upon stepping in, I've found myself wearing a uniform so very different from everyone else in the campus. The colour scheme alone is very obviously different from everyone else. The badge on my uniform was that of Hatsuya instead of Mizuho for some reason. How on earth did my clothes change without me doing it?! Why does my uniform look so different from everyone here? Its even different from the ones Itsuki and Saeko wears.

So, since it's a weekend, my former high school principal is staying at an apartment that is within walking distance of a station. This academy is really too big to walk that it needs to have a need of its own transport system as big as (or even bigger) than the city I just came from. I'm at a loss of how to describe the place besides speechless.

I had reached the door of the apartment I had been told to go to when he's not working. I pressed the doorbell and waited. There seems to be someone inside.

Female voice: "Yes, I'm coming."

Who's voice is that? Am I at the wrong place? Is anyone else staying in it?

The door opened and the person who opened it was a young lady.

Lady; "Ah! Kotomi-chan! It's been a while. I presume you had saw the messages by that were decrypted by that girl with the mind of who is now your husband?"

Me: "Huh? You? My high school principal? But..."

I clearly remember my school principal as a man old enough to be a grandfather, not a woman who is about 5 years younger than me. There was no hint in the voice or behavior that this young lady was even an old man.

Principal: "You didn't notice the lack of males or old people while you were walking around the campus? Anyone who wears a Mizuho uniform will be turned into a woman of age ranging from 15 to 30, which itself would be automatically be worn upon stepping into the grounds. Didn't your husband revealed it to you recently? Saeko has known me as I am now since her first year there as a student, around your final year of college."

Neither Saeko or my husband told me about this.

Me: "I didn't think that it would be this massive..."

I never though that it would be this wide-scale. So Mizuho is still technically co-ed and accept male students, but they have to wear the uniform that turns them into females. To add to the confusion, "girls'" was added to the official name. How on earth is such a thing not known to the outside? I've known of guys (besides Itsuki) who has went into Mizuho at the current campus, but none of them told me that they were turned into girls! At least I know they can be turned back.

Principal: "Before you think that I'm a pervert or something, I just want to make it clear that I'm wearing it only because it relieves the health problems I have as an old man, and forced to take a new identity because of a dead body whom everyone positively identifies as me, but I'm right here. It could be a fake or my future self for all I know. I'm starting to like my new female identity to live as one forever though. Enough about me or the Mizuho uniform. Let's talk about why you are even meeting me. I could have arranged to meet outside, but there's secrecy involved that others must not know."

Me: "So what exactly am I here for?"

Principal: "Well, I have a video here that you might find interesting."

[Author's note: Some kind of glitch happened with my browser to load an older version in cache instead of from the server, so everything I had typed for hours outside the quotes had been gone. The version below is the retyped version, but not as detailed as the first draft.]

He showed me a video of a group of people whom I could positively identify as my mother, father, and uncle. All of them looked younger than I known them to be. They did something to the male baby to have the male thing between his legs be replaced with nothing but smooth skin with a slit as if it was never there. It looks a lot more like a female part now.

Principal: "Well, when your mother was in middle school year 3, which is around 14 or 15, she was made pregnant by a male classmate of hers. That male classmate being your father. The thing is that your mother's brother wanted to do his experiments on the child, so he offered the couple assistance in exchange for doing experiments on your mother's children. This happened at a time when your mother was at a loss on what to do with her unwanted pregnancy that was already at the advanced stages when she realizes it. It was because of this child that your mother had about a year delay between graduating from middle school and entering high school, which happened after the video you saw. The young couple didn't know what to do, but it seems that the contract that you mom signed states that she must produce a total of 4 children that would stretch until the first male and female child from the experiment manages to successfully produce their offspring. This means that your mom and dad are stuck with each other, and the children not knowing they were a test subject themselves until they produced some of their own children, which means that it takes decades to see the end result."

Me: "So who was that baby we just saw? He said a total of 6 children, but there are only 5 in the family."


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