606th post: Behind the scenes

I've talked from time to time about my posts (blog stories and anime posts especially) being late/early and such.

However, with a lot of things to do, including doing household chores, it's hard to keep a schedule. Blog stories are supposed to be out once a week. But as time went past, they get unknowingly longer and longer (in terms of the number of words per part/post). On top of that I have a busier schedule and things that have higher priority that it's hard to maintain that.

Eventually, that weekly thing became every fortnight Mondays, and now... well whenever I say it's ready. Sometimes, it just sits in my drafts for days and then publish it at a later date without any editing. Before you ask, it's not scheduled either.

Also, I am writing only because I want to write what I want, but, unfortunately, I don't earn enough from those to make a living. (Not even enough to afford one subway train ride) Wasting my effort on something that doesn't reward me with anything doesn't seem to be worth it. Evidently, my other blogs hasn't had new posts recently, including the Japanese version of this blog. Too much to handle...

Before you ask, I would still be writing, but at a slower pace. (Probably no different if you have been here recently.) If you are curious what they are exactly in real-time, follow me on twitter.

(PS. I joined Instagram and uploaded some nice pictures there. I've also uploaded some raw footage videos on my YouTube channel.)


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