Teary Promise (Part 15)

Hisakawa seemed to have problems with the people with a certain group of people in an area near where we are now. Quite a number of people have seen her at Powell Research's official events in that Mizuho uniform, enough times for people to see it as her "trademark" outfit. This means that she would be recognized instantly.

For her to get into a disguise is nearly impossible as her Mizuho uniform can't be removed, including the name tag that has a completely different name written on it. The shape of that name tag, and her (larger-than-average) breasts, could still be seen even with multiple layers of clothes worn over it. She added that she hates wearing skirts, which is ironic as she's wearing one now and is never seen wearing anything else. Hisakawa is such a beautiful and elegant woman that I can't ever imagine her as a man.

Hisakawa's phone started ringing. She answered it, but not long after, she started crying.

Hisakawa: "What do you mean? Didn't I tell you not to mess with my things? ...Huh? Why must I go to that lab? ...No, that is not important enough to have me go through the trouble while I'm abroad now. No, I'm not crying even though it sounds like I am. ...WHY DO I EVEN HAVE TO TALK TO YOU? GIVE ME KOTOMI AND MY BODY BACK YOU THIEF!"

...however her choice of words, and hanging up the phone at that word, suggests she is angry. I did not dare to ask what the call was about, nor do I know what were those last few words meant. It seems that she knows who the person on the other end is, but not on good terms. Being an important person, I think this could be a cryptic message that could mean something completely different.

Me: "Are you okay?"

Her face quickly changed to as if that call never happened.

Hisakawa: "Oh, sorry about that. Anyway, you probably want to get out of here and back to the hotel. Your friends are quite worried about you when they realized you were missing from their group. Even more so because the crime rate here against females is higher than back in our home country. I have suffered the most extreme of what they could do, though that is not likely to happen here."

She spoke as if she has experienced being helplessly attacked several times before and is sick of it, but did not elaborate on what those could be.

Me: "So, how did you find me?"

Hisakawa: "Your friends you got separated from called the teacher, who informed the other teachers. I was at a neighboring town, which I mentioned earlier, that was not far from where you were last seen. Spotting you in the crowd was not that hard as this country's school uniforms are very different in design, not to mention that I heard whispers of people describing you."

I guess my uniform was really attraction.

Hisakawa: "At first, I tried to call your phone, but it said that you were not contactable even though I saw your phone being charged last night. My guess is that your phone doesn't work in this country, so I used a signal emitter so that your phone would receive a working signal for me to be able to call you. Anyway, we should head back to the hotel: the teachers are getting worried."

She didn't say why she went through all that trouble, or why she made me wave towards nothing but the sky.

Just as we were about to leave, a car that had no driver stopped right next to us and open two of its doors. I have seen driverless trains before, but on something that doesn't have guided rails and not appearing to be preprogrammed? I don't feel easy about that.... Wait, the car registration of this car is from back from my country instead of the ones here?

Hisakawa: "This car? I don't exactly know how it works, but they say it's the most technologically advanced car in the world. Although technically the company's property, it only works with me. Don't know why myself."

She talked as if she doesn't need it, but to be given a car that has both the interior and exterior of the car bares resemblance of a luxury car that could only be driven by her is too much to ask for. If she could sponsor my school for this overseas trip, this car is probably nothing to her. However, she looks out of place being with that school uniform in the driver's seat.


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