Disorientated Feelings (Part 48)

The only school that is best suited for my son is Mizuho Academy: the school that seem to have some special magic to it. Saeko and my husband, who have both respectively studied and worked there for a number of years, claim that they have no role in it. It's more of based on the situation, my son's character and age, and so forth.

Sadly, there's no other school that could accept both my son's feminine behavior, and prevention of being picked on because of his young age and quite a number of people whom I don't even know being able to recognize me on the streets because I hold a high-level position of Hatsuya, which many people are familiar with. Sending him to a normal school would mean that he could be an easy target to be bullied, or, worse, be kidnaped to force me as a highly ranked Hatsuya staff to do something undesirable. This would be a different story if my son could even defend himself.

I have 3 daughters and a son, but with this, it's making my only son more towards the feminine side even more than he is now. It's hard to imagine what my 7 year old son would look like as an adult.

Mizuho Girls' Academy was founded a century ago as a co-ed high school, but there's no official mention of them no longer accepting boys since it became a girls-only school when it moved to its current campus, or what happened to the boys of that school during the transitioning years. As it turns out, they still officially (albeit discreetly) accept boys, but they have to be turned into girls.

Despite Mizuho being known as one of the most difficult schools to enter due to their reputation for having a lot of successful women having graduated from there, on top of the school's facilities. Ironically, the school's entry requirements for boys are lower than an average school, which makes it seem like an option for dropouts. The catch? What I just said earlier, and complex things that only Saeko could explain. Well, with the male population becoming younger and feminized, an all girls' school and a co-ed school doesn't seem much of a difference in terms of the students you see walking through their school front gate.

Boys' schools seem to be the last frontier where females are a minority, but is possibly a "dying breed" as fewer boys are being born. I have already heard of enough primary schools of villages being closed because there are too few children attending it. So, it's possible that these schools for boys have to either be closed or start accepting female students. The latter option means effectively means going co-ed and loosing its status as a boys-only school.

To tell you the truth, being biologically young again after reaching a certain age means that you can't die of old age because you can't get old to begin with, though no one is certain that it would happen to them again as nobody who has already been transformed has reached that age yet. Also, I don't like women for their behavior and visually distracting appearance, which is kind of ironic as I'm one myself. But what can I do about it? I never voluntarily wanted to be a woman, and neither could I change that. For every single month that I'm not pregnant since I turned 12, my body automatically discharges blood. This loss of blood makes me feel weak and dizzy, and experience mood swings that drives me crazy. I also don't like to get pregnant because this would mean going through months of having a baby growing inside me and the suffering associated with I have to go through. Which is better? Experiencing going insane monthly, or keep producing children that I don't want to take care of? Sadly, female bodies are designed to be able to reproduce babies, even if the woman herself doesn't want to.

Mizuho students are quite distinguishable from others from a distance. They have beautiful looks, and a uniform that they look good in. Saeko had told me that there is something about that uniform that changes the wearer's mind and body. The only noticeable external change on wearing it is that they all would have the same body measurements, and having a burst size that is large enough to no be able to hide the shape of it. Boys wearing that, particularly the one I mentioned earlier (5 paragraphs up), would also be biologically turned into girls and the changes for girls applying to them too until they take them off. However, taking it off by itself is only possible shortly after graduation or after already transferred to an other school. This means that they wear it 24/7 for 3 years, including weekends, and the boys would also adopt the female behavior, which I am primarily afraid of for my son. This is a very dark secret of Mizuho Girl's academy, and the people who knows about it aren't mentally be able to talk about it except to those who already knew.


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