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Erm, sorry for not mentioning anything about the story on the previous post before. (It was 5 times longer than the regular posts.) The idea to do so just suddenly came into my head when I came across the first image of that post and another that I have yet to upload.

Anyways, I would like to point out to some things:
  1. When coming up with the name for the main character (after the incident), I didn't realise that it's the same as the one used at my 4th Friendster account. Only found out after posting it.
  2. There are no plans to create a surname or given name for the main character as he's already in Kobayashi Haruna's body at the beginning of the story.
  3. Using the middle of May to start the event was picked out of the blue. Coincidentally the Friday of 13 May happens in the year 2005 and 2011.
  4. Haruna's parents left on a business trip 2-3 weeks before the incident happened. The parents didn't see the need to write the day of the month, but it is written at the end of that month. They also have friends from all over the world that they had met in their college years, but the one mentioned on the letter in the story is the same as the one mentioned later on.
  5. The Kobayashi family live in a typical sub-uban 2-story house in Japan somewhere.
  6. Sorry for some of the suggestive lines or not going on any further on it. Don't ask why.
  7. Nagisa's parents sent Haruna home via car. Nagisa was at the back, waving at Haruna through the car's windows when the car was moving away.
  8. The part about watching TV was an excuse to insert a screenshot of a scene from the first season of Code Geass. The original sentence should be: "Wanting to rest from all the alienness, I searched for my room. It should be on the second floor somewhere."
  9. The main character (before the incident) has met Haruna at least once a year as their parents are quite close and visit each other often, even before the children are born. It's not yet established if they have any siblings or if Haruna has other close friends, but it is established that nobody (except the hospital staff and Nagisa) was around when Haruna woke up or nobody was in the house in the time between the parents leaving for the trip and the time Haruna reached home.
  10. Haruna is younger than the main character by a few years.
  11. The stinking smell mentioned is actually the stale air. All of the doors and windows facing the outside were tightly locked.
  12. On the night of the incident, there were no other mode of transport at that time other than the taxi from where the character was and headed to.
  13. Not sure about including "I want to call the parents of my previous body to say that I'm now in Haruna's body" (or something like that) in the next part. Haruna's body is so weak that if the main character's soul were to be chased out by some priest/monk, there is a high chance she will not recover.
  14. From the main character's point of view when his soul was transfered into Haruna's, it seemed that he somehow switched bodies with his childhood friend and believed in that until the last few paragraphs of the first part.
More to come as it develops.


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