Not a good day

A lot of bad things today:
  1. Nobody really wants to talk to me like I'm invisible or something.
  2. One of my teachers was not around for some reason and can't seem to do the given assignment and fell asleep after giving up trying to do it.
  3. about half an hour before the next lesson, I actually felt like skipping the rest of the day, but I didn't.
  4. The teacher for the rest of the day keep nagging at me about my work. I left the class mid-way, despite the teacher calling me out to return.
  5. headed downtown via the subway later on, right after point 4. There wasn't anything interesting there (or rather something that I can afford), so I headed home via bus from there.
  6. En route home, the bus stopped outside some well known middle school, obviously younger than me. Several school guys went to seat right at the back (where I was sitting) and were talking loudly. Along the way, 2 of the older ones made fun of the younger one.
  7. I pretended not to notice them (point 6) and continued to read the comic book I was reading when I boarded the bus (point 5). Even though they did not sit next to me, what I saw (at a glance) and heard bothered me: the older one was physical abusing the younger one to the point that he was screaming loudly (at least from where I was sitting) and complained about pain. The other guys from the same school who boarded at the same bus stop seemed to be supporting the older one. I wanted to stop them, but I don't know what to do...
  8. It (point 6 & 7) continued on until my stop, where they, too, alighted. I decided not to follow them. Noisy people...
  9. Reaching home (1pm; 2 hours after point 5) and feeling tired, I went straight to bed, without eating lunch. Woke up in the evening where my mother left for work (night shift) and the rest probably won't reach home until 9pm...
  10. I am lonely at home most of the time. Apart from the members of my club in school (and sometimes classmates), I never really had a friend that I would hang out, not even back in my childhood days. (I had, once, but the final straw was when he grabbed money [worth about 30000 yen] that was used to buy the PSP, from me out in the public and made me promise something with him.) I'm also not close with my extended family to the point that I don't know anything about them, not even their names, and meet only once a year.
  11. Apart from 乃木坂春香の秘密 and To LOVEる, there was nothing to watch or do. Maybe I should be drawing characters...
Ah...... Let's hope that tomorrow's 生徒会 event is fun...

Sunday 12:20am edit: Linked to the recent post describing the event on the Japanese blog instead of the unrelated post on visual novel games on the same day at this blog.


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