I was waiting for the time to come and the (heavy) rain to stop around 3-4pm, when I came across a site that showed me how to get the various endings of the visual novel (game) I was playing. In end I extended all the way until 2am, about half-a-day later. :P

(Could have been a lot longer if I didn't fast forward and/or refer to that above-mentioned site)

I could have gone to an event near my house that's held once a year...., but never mind, there's another one that could be more exciting next month, though the location is quite far....

But then, it was raining heavily, so even if it stopped, I could get wet. I can easily get sick if I'm caught in the rain (including light ones) and not taking a shower in the next 6-12 hours.

Click here on my opinion about the game.


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