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Sometimes, I don't know anything about myself.

I hardly even know my own relatives. I don't even know how my parents met each other, but I do know that they went to different schools. I only see my cousins about once or twice a year and therefore know nothing or close.

My grandparents on father's side (retired) are having financial issues like paying debts and wants my parents (not sure of my aunt/uncles) to provide them large sums of money. For my mother's side, they seemed to have passed away several years before I was born and know nothing about them, not even how they look like.

Every morning, my parents turned on the radio to a station that I hate the most: not only is it on a religion that I don't practice, I don't even understand a word they are saying. On top of that, since I am sleepy, I would find it a headache to even hear it (it could be heard from the bathroom).


(comment by an anonymous person rejected. Reason: religion-related)

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