222nd post

The URLs of my blogs has been changed quite a lot since I started blogging here back in mid-2006 due to various reasons like someone else using that nick or difficult-to-remember names for quite some time.

However, since I started, I have created at least 406 posts spread across all my blogs. Beacuse of that, it would be just plain impractical or a waste of time if I were to bother updating the links.

During that time, the layout had been changed quite frequently. I not sure if I have it, but this is the earliest screenshot of my blog that I have and this is the most recent that I have. Unfortunately, I didn't take a screenshot of all the blogs and their changes.

However, over time, images and links break, YouTube videos gets removed for various reasons. The urls also get changed over time. Here are some of the changes that I can remember. The name of the blog mentioned here are the current names. Blogs that are deleted (like fnfd-youtube or thefnfd1iam) are not mentioned.

Profile and Blog Updates:
the1iam.blogspot.com -----> yukarifujimi.blogspot.com -----> the1iam-updates.blogspot.com

Neverending New Beginnings:
(it seems that someone else has now has used my old url)
fnfd.spaces.live.com -----> fnfd.blogspot.com -----> fujimiyayuki.blogspot.com -----> asuna888-en.blogspot.com

(did not exist) -----> asuna888.blogspot.com -----> asuna888.blogspot.com

(did not exist) -----> tokimekinohibi.blogspot.com -----> tokimekinohibi.blogspot.com

Chasing After the Rainbow:
(did not exist) -----> the1iam.blogspot.com -----> the1iam.blogspot.com

(did not exist) -----> injuration.blogspot.com -----> injuration.blogspot.com

(did not exist) -----> past-school-assignments.blogspot.com -----> chasing-after-rainbows.blogspot.com


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