200th post: Cosplaying

I have heard of cosplaying for quite sometime. If you are looking for them, you can find them at events like the big ones like the Comiket (both Summer and Winter) held at Tokyo Big Sight in Ariake, Tokyo, Japan or Anime North held at Doubletree International Plaza Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you don't know what's this cosplay thing is all about, it's about dressing up to look like a character and show off.

The hard part about cosplaying is coming up with the materials for the clothing, props (eg. headband, sword) and most likely a wig too. Sometimes, you just need creativity with what you see in stores or already have. Finding ones that are already made may be difficult or too expensive.

I have never cosplayed before, but it does look interesting. You can cosplay your favourite characters, but try to avoid popular ones (eg. BLEACH, NARUTO) or ones from more than 5 years ago (eg. Sailor Moon, Pokemon) if you want to stand out. Try those from Negima (theres one on the far right in the image at the top) or your own original that look as though it's from somewhere.

By the way, cosplaying of a character opposite of one's gender is called crossplay. I'm also in the middle of doing vectoring that had started not long after the previous vector art. The problem was that I had a difficulty finding a suitable image out of the hundreds that I have. Also, the one I have selected has complicated details that may take some time to complete.

This picture looks as though it's edited...


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