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19 August 2008


I have been doing a lot of major changes to my blogs for the past week that it might have look completely different (except for the posts) just a month ago and to the point that I myself don't know where everything is, but I did so to make it look nicer or to simpfily complicated things like difficult-to-remember URLs for 2 of my blogs.

Editing and moving non-classic blogger HTML codes around is tougher than the classic ones. Here's a tip if you were to do so, or copy from an external site: The widgets you had made are somewhere at the bottom (if "expand widgets" is unchecked) somewhere below " (Header)". Copy that part over the new one.

The Japanese version of this blog did have changes to the layout, including the former layout of the anime blogs, but in the end, it looked quite smillar to the former layout of this blog (both had the same, but the jap ver had blue instead of maroon with larger fonts).

I seem to become sleepier as I continue to type this. I don't want to sleep, but my body says otherwise. I also seem to be staring into space in between words too, even as I type this. What's going on? I think I better end here before I doze off.

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