470th post: Unspecified Names

As mentioned, I will be listing the names of places mentioned frequently in my stories that had not been explained earlier. Do note that the phrases used here do not use the exact words mentioned here.

Green: Names that were given as I typed the parts they were first mentioned or gave indirect description of an actual place/company.
Blue: Names that were not given in the beginning, but were already given prior to this post
Red: Names that I made up while typing this post or later on.
Black: Unknown/Forgotten where the name came from, not part of the name in question, mentioned earlier
Mixed: Parts of the name known/given at different times. Colours are as mentioned above.

Story 1:
  • School the protagonist and Yukari went to - Mihara Academy, High School section (三原学院高等部)
  • Hospital the protagonist woke up in at the beginning - Hatsuya General Hospital (筏谷総合病院)
  • "Girl 3" - Saeko Hisakawa (久川沙江子). Story 1 itself takes place in "the other dimension" mentioned in story 2/3.
  • 原宿, 山手線, 渋谷 - Harajuku, Yamanote Line, Shibuya
  • "The convenience store with green, white, orange and red colour schemes" - 7-Eleven
  • "A fast food restaurant that has the famous golden arch" - McDonalds
  • "I wanted to introduce her to the son of my father’s friend" - Kenneth Tan (protagonist)
  • Aiko Hirano's father - Kenji Hirano (平野健二), director of Hatsuya Institute
  • "That Country" - Singapore
  • Hirano-san's cousins that are coming along during the holiday - Shin'ichi/Izumi/Kousei Miyazawa
  • Hirano-san's cousins that are not coming along - Kotomi/Kuniko Miyazawa (1. Busy with work. 2. Too young)
Story 2:
  • "That large academy/school at the top of this hill (here)" - Mihara Academy (私立三原学院)
  • "The strange man who forced me to wear this swimsuit" - "Professor" (story 1), the man Haruna met at the lift lobby after visiting Saeko/Mamiko at the hospital.
  • "To a small island country quite near the equator" - Singapore
  • "A research company near the train station" - Inami (井波) branch of the Hatsuya Institute.
  • Schools the protagonist attended planned so far (from first) - Katsura High School (克良高校, 2004-2005), High school section of Mihara Academy (三原学院高等部, 2005-2006), Kamisugi High School (上杉高校, 2006-2008), Mizuho Girls' High School (瑞穂女子高校, 2009-2011). Note: The year as at part 44 is 2007.
  • "my company" - Hatsuya Research Institute (筏谷研究所)
  • Company the protagonist indirectly founded - Powell Research Institute (パーヴェル研究所)
  • Location where the protagonist was cloned - Mihara Academy, College Section (三原学院大学部).
  • "New Trunk Line" - Shinkansen (新幹線)
  • "one of the international airports in the country" - Narita International Airport (成田国際空港)
  • "in a room filled with mountains of books and papers" - One of the offices at Hatsuya Hospital.
  • "science research and development building" - The same building the protagonist was cloned
  • ***** Hisakawa - Itsuki Hisakawa
  • "a four-dimensional pocket of a popular cartoon character I watched when I was younger" - Doraemon
  • girlfriend / "a girl I met last year" - Kotomi Miyazawa (宮沢ことみ)
  • "a data cable" - IEEE 1394 interface or Universal Serial Bus
  • "the other me"/ "former male self" - Itsuki Hisakawa (久川伊月)
  • "that common OS" - Microsoft Windows XP
  • "that uncommon operating system" - Linux
Story 3
  • protagonist's middle school - Kaisei Middle School (海星中学, 2001-2003)
  • protagonist's high school - Katsura High School (克良高校, 2004-2006)
  • protagonist's university - Standford University (2007-2009)
  • cousin's school - Mihara Academy (三原学院)
  • "oldest among my siblings" - Shin'ichi Miyazawa (宮沢真一), 4 years younger
  • "2nd youngest sibling" - Kousei Miyazawa (宮沢光世), 8 years younger
  • "3rd oldest sibling" - Izumi Miyazawa (宮沢泉美), 6 years younger
  • "youngest sibling" - Kuniko Miyazawa (宮沢邦子), 12 years younger
  • great-grandmother - Ajisai Miyazawa (宮澤 紫陽花)
  • "two schools located at the opposite ends from the train station near there" - Katsura Station (克良)
  • "the hospital" - Hatsuya Genteral Hospital
  • protagonist's boyfriend/husband - Itsuki/Saeko/Mamiko Hisakawa (久川 伊月沙江子・麻美子)
  • company the protagonist worked for just after graduating from university - Tanaka Bank (田中銀行)
  • company the protagonist worked for most of the time - Hatsuya Research Institute (筏谷研究所)
  • "a particular area in the capital" - Akihabara, Tokyo
  • "a connection interface" - Universal Serial Bus
  • "those cafes" - Maid cafe
  • "this OS" - Windows XP
  • "that OS" - Fedora (Linux)
  • "just across the nearby Bayshore Freeway where my university is located" - Silicon Valley
  • "****os***, **ogle, *ppl*" - Microsoft, Google, Apple (Inc.)
Story 4
  • protagonist's high school - Kamisugi High School (上杉高校, 2008-2010). Note that the year at the beginning is Summer 2009.
  • "a popular female student who is in the same year as Takuya" - Saeko Hisakawa
  • "a girl at the north-western outskirts of the capital looks very much like her, but she's only in Year 1 and does not have the trademark hairstyle people usually identify her with" - Saeko Hisakawa (again), but is attending Mizuho Girls' High School (瑞穂女子高校) instead
  • "a well-known medical and research company that needs a qualification higher than a high school diploma" - Hatsuya Research Institute (筏谷研究所)
Do note that the first four stories has many things in common, especially story 2 and 3.


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