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[Note to self: better put this down before I forget, and for easier reference]

I wasn't planning to put this up, but since I started writing stories here in August 2008, it somewhat got expanded and the time frame for each is different from each other. Fortunately, they all happen in the same area. With cross-reference to last December's post, I have made a timeline of when the story roughly happens.

At when I started:

Current (as at 7 Feb 2009):

As you can see, the 3rd story (Tokihi) started 1.5 years before the other two, though it was fast-forwarded to 5 months later at the end of the first part. I do however, plan to insert parts in-between, or would just edit the part it belongs to later on, but this is not confirmed. The year number is just a way to calculate how much time has passed and the day of the week based on the numbering of recent years. After all, it wouldn't add up if I say that Jan 13 is a Friday and Feb 4 of the same year is a Wednesday.

So, here's a biography of the characters if the year were to be at y5, which would mean that it would be 1-2 years after the current timeline of the 3rd story. Ages are what they would turn in that year.

Main Characters

  • (name not given), 22 years old Male
    • Also known as: Haruna's overseas childhood friend, ***** *****, "The owner of the blog who passed away in the accident involving a taxi and a speeding truck", Haruna Kobayashi (after the accident)
    • Main Character in: "An Original Story By Me" (1st story)
    • Who this person knows: Met Haruna via their fathers who are university friends.
    • Info: Back in February, a strange doll of unknown origin appeared out of nowhere in front of him after a flash of green light when he was working. It was difficult to figure out how it works as it was beyond what he knows. On the fateful night, he took a taxi home from work as other modes of transport had stopped for the day. The boss was very demanding. When crossing a large traffic intersection, a speeding truck with a drunk driver had beaten the red light on his side and collided with the taxi the protagonist was in. During the collision, however, a green light emitted from the strange doll he was working on inside the bag with him. This would cause his mind and memories to enter the body of his childhood friend in another country who was in a coma for several months. With no guidance from the owner of the body he entered (except for some instances), he tried to live as her, but found it an uphill challenge. The blog post he put up after the incident had triggered a worldwide scare, because he was famous there and many people numbering into the thousands visited his blog. Due to the notes someone found after Saeko Hisakawa's clone was hit (see below), he merged his mind with Haruna's and his thinking is now of Haruna's, as though he is her, but he still retains memories of both.
  • Haruna Kobayashi (小林 春奈), 16 years old Female
    • Also known as: "The girl who fell into a coma back in February", "the body whose childhood friend had taken over" (2nd story), ***** *****'s inner voice (after the accident, but before the merger mentioned above)
    • Main Character in: "An Original Story By Me" (1st story)
    • Who this person knows: Is childhood friends with Saeko, but the incident that happened to Saeko has caused her to remember Saeko differently. She also has a friend overseas whom she met via her father's university friend, but that person now resides in her body after his accident. Is also childhood friends with Kyousuke. These three have never met each other or had as a different person.
    • Info: It started back in February when her homeroom teacher brought a strange doll when he was overseas. Thinking that it could grant wishes, she wished that her overseas childhood friend whom she hasn't met for a while to be with her. That was when the eyes of that doll went to focus in the direction of the person in question (though quite far away) and the person wishing it. That was when her body froze, but still aware of what is going on, and was later sent to hospital. After a long time of being sick and tired of having a body that she can't move at all, she felt a force entering her body and then noticed that her body was moving by itself. Upon realizing on how the body was moving, the question of a guy of another country unintentionally invaded her body is likely, which is linked to the strange doll from earlier. The problem is that she can't communicate with whoever is now controlling her body without speaking through the mouth or using the hand. Trying to do so would take up a lot of her energy which would not last long and during communicating, other people may see it as talking to herself. Except typing/writing, there is no other way she can communicate. Her mind was later merged with the other mind who resides in her body when a lightning striked her when in the bathtub with the window open and thunderclouds outside. Nothing is known on what happened to her since the merger, since the one who took over now behaves exactly like her and is hard to tell apart. She could have either really merged with the other, staying quiet at a corner, or has passed on. Nobody knows what happened, because the person in question themselves don't even know and has the memories between when her body froze and her mind merged with ***** ***** being erased, but does retain the knowledge from studies gained during that time.
    • Note: I might have misstype it as Haruka instead of Haruna at some places.
  • Saeko & Mamiko Hisakawa (久川 沙江子・麻美子), 16 years old Female (Male at the beginning)
    • Also Known As: The Other/Cloned/Original Me/Body (2nd story), Itsuki Hisakawa (久川伊月); 3rd story; when referring to the male self), ***** Hisakawa (same as previously mentioned but in the rest), "Girl 3" (1st story), Kotomi's boyfriend (3rd story), Class representative of class 1-2 (after incident), Kenjiro Tanigawa's classmate (before incident)/potential girlfriend (after incident)
    • Main Character in: "Alternate Dimension" (2nd story)
    • Who this person knows: Kotomi Miyazawa, met when she bumped in high school 1st year. The director and his daughter (Kenji & Aiko Hirano) of the workplace, but doesn't know that Aiko and Kotomi were cousins until later on. Is also childhood friends with Haruna Kobayashi. Former classmates with Kenjiro Tanigawa.
    • Info: Prior to the incident, he was hardworking at his work to earn enough to support himself. His parents works quite far away and, because of that, receiving the money is irregular and part of the money that was sent being reduced due to taxes and exchange rates that might not be enough to support with the money left. He was employed at the current company when one of the top directors noticed him winning 1st place when attending a programming convention. The house he lived back then is in a bad state with cobwebs, dust and mold everywhere. As he lives alone, the only parts of the house he bothers to clean and fix up are his room and the bathroom. The device that he brought home from work on the fateful night triggered the major change in his life. After the incident, she wakes up to be living at a large luxurious apartment and easily mistook her appearance for someone else at first and is in a large shock as to what to do due to many unfamiliarities, despite still being in the same town. Later on, out of curiosity, she came across a machine that would, unknowingly, cloned her body. Later that same day, the cloned self was involved in a serious hit-and-run incident and was hospitalized. This however, had people mistaken it for her and triggered even more awkwardness, as she is not even aware of it until she was told to visit her cloned self for the first time at the hospital. She was then forced to give her a name and to call her her twin sister under a different name. The clone's body was later modified to be made invincible against attack and had its mind merged with the original. This would mean that Saeko can be two places at once and be able to live on as herself/Mamiko should something bad happen to her original body.
  • Kotomi Miyazawa (宮沢 ことみ), 16 years old Female
    • Also Known as: Aiko Hirano's close cousin (2nd story), Saeko/***** Hisakawa's friend, Coltrane Gorbachev (name used in messages written to Itsuki Hisakawa)
    • Main Character in: "Tokihi" (3rd story)
    • Who this person knows: Uncle (Kenji Hirano), Cousin (Aiko Hirano), boyfriend (***** Hisakawa)
    • Info: Was a guinea pig of having the gender being selected by parents during the early stages of the mother's unplanned pregnancy. The parents wants 2 children of each gender. The children themselves are unaware of it, but the oldest noticed an odd pattern and felt that the way her body reacts are sometimes out of sync with her mind and that the mother's older brother was some kind of a mad scientist with the hidden labs that she has seen. She met up with what was her boyfriend in her first year of high school when she tripped over a desk near the door while holding a stack of books and bumped into him, who happens to be there at that exact moment. When she learnt from her cousin that he became a girl of her school in the 2nd month of her 2nd year, she became largely disappointed as she was about to confess to him. However, this also means that she can get along better as her body's reaction of being with the opposite gender would not get in the way as they are now the same. Kotomi is quite good at science-related things that her uncle employ her to a job that would have otherwise required a degree. She works on formulating medicine and researching with chemicals in hoping to come up with something that could be a breakthrough in medical science like finding a cure for AIDS. She could sometimes be involved in researching on increasing the efficiency of harnessing the untaped/limited energy that surrounds us. Due to how early her parents and grandparents had children, it's not surprising for her to have relatives higher up in the family tree that are younger than her.
  • Nanami Fujibayashi (藤林 菜々実), 10 years old Female
    • Also Known as: ***currently unknown***
    • Main Character in: "An Unexpected Wish" (4th story)
    • Who this person knows: Friends, colleagues, grandparents. Is a distant relative of Kotomi Miyazawa, so she might have seen her during the large family gathering just before Kotomi entered high school.
    • Info: Lives in a town of a prefecture north-east from where stories 1-3 takes place, which is quite close to the country's capital. Despite the age mentioned above, most of the story actually takes place about 5 years later. More info to come later...

Secondary/Supporting Characters
  • Nagisa Sasagawa (笹川 渚)/Girl 1: Haruna's close friend, Saeko and Aiko's classmate
  • Yukari Takahashi (高橋 ゆかり)/Girl 2: Haruna's friend, Saeko and Aiko's classmate
  • Kyousuke (恭介)/Boy 1: One of Haruna's childhood friends, Saeko and Aiko's classmate
  • Minoru (稔)/Boy 2: Haruna's friend, Saeko and Aiko's classmate
  • Hiroko Kiyohara (清原 弘子): Kotomi's childhood friend, but did not meet her for 10 years before entering high school. She lives in the same area as Saeko.
  • Kenji Hirano (平野 健二)/Director (社長): Director of the company Saeko works for, Aiko's father, Kotomi's uncle
  • Aiko Hirano (平野 愛子): Haruna's classmate, Saeko's friend, Kenji's daughter, Kotomi's cousin
  • Supervisor (部長): In charge of the branch Saeko regularly works at
  • Kenjiro Tanigawa (谷川 健二郎): Kotomi's schoolmate, Saeko's schoolmate and best friend before the incident. He starts to have feelings for her when he met her during the cultural festival preperations, but doesn't know that she was his best friend due to a completely different appearence, voice, and name.
  • Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev (Михаил Сергеевич Горбачёв; ミハイル・セルゲーエヴィチ・ゴルバチョフ): Had past away some time ago. Is Kotomi Miyazawa's great-grandfather and Nanami Fujibayashi's grandfather. He moved to Japan from Eastern Russia for an unknown reason. Married his wife and took her family name after gaining citenship there as he already had children with Miyazawa as the family name by then and plans to stay there anyway.
Other Characters
  • Doctor & Nurse: They were in charge of Haruna when she was hospitalized.
  • Man 1: Homeroom teacher of class 2B
  • Man 2: English teacher
  • Bad guys: Wants to steal secrets from Kenji Hirano's company for unknown reasons. They seem to target Saeko more than any other employee, but doesn't know that she has a clone.
  • Collegue: The man who was in charge of modyfing Mamiko's body and, later on, merging her mind with Saeko.
  • Kotomi's mother: Kenjiro's younger sister. Normally do most of the household chores. Married to Kotomi's father a few months after Kotomi was born. She agreed to be the test subject of being able to selecting the gender of the feteus during the first few weeks after finding out that she was pregnant that resulted from having an unplanned sexual intercourse with Kotomi's father without thinking of the consequences resulted from having strong feelings with each other.
  • Kotomi's father: The breadwinner of the family with a full-time job that would earn more monthly income than all the previous part-time jobs combined in lesser working hours. He is rarely seen by his family members, but he does call home regularly. Childhood friends with Kotomi's mother and confessed to her when going together at a park they normally go to together one evening.
  • Kotomi's siblings: They share rooms with each other, but Kotomi has a room all to herself as she is the oldest child where she can have peace from her noisy and playful younger siblings. Kotomi locks her room most of the time for fear that the younger siblings would mess up her stuff. If her door were to be knocked on, she would only open for house guests around her age or older, her parents, or when one of the younger siblings cries for help (she knows if they are pretending just to get in). Their names are (from oldest):
    • Shin'ichi Miyazawa (宮沢 真一), 13 years old, Male
    • Izumi Miyazawa (宮沢 泉美), 11 years old, Female
    • Kousei Miyazawa (宮沢 光世), 9 years old, Male
    • Kuniko Miyazawa (宮沢 邦子), 5 years old, Female
  • Haruna and Saeko/Mamiko's parents: Nothing is known of them other than them working overseas and that she had not seen them for quite a long time.

I may put in more and edit this at a latter date, but above is generally almost everyone I could think of for now.


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