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Chasing After Rainbows: Vector v0007 uploaded

14 February 2009

Vector v0007 uploaded

Not long after doing v0062, I decided to complete v0007, which has been lying around abandoned for 6.5 months (early August 2008; 29 weeks).

As you can see the version as at 3 August 2008, I had already done most of the body. The head is quite hard to do because it's at an angle, the eyes are red-ish, and the hair is quite messy and long. It also features the old version of the signature.

Now, this is the current completed version. I was not able to do this back then as my skills back then is not as good as now. The head came from v0058, which may explain why it may look quite familiar as I gave up trying to improve the original head.

Other rejected vectors are v0008, v0009 and v0010. v0010 was used as the header image for my anime blogs before the current layout.

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