progress of v0046 and about "Alternate Dimension (Part 15)"

This is the vector I started doing this yesterday, 14 Dec. A large majority of vectors I had done on average takes about a day to do so as I normally do only one person, and there isn't really much details on the characters and a basic background. Either that or I omitted/simplify those.

Right now, I'm only doing the background (which is incomplete) and have yet to even start with the outline. It seems that I can't simplify this without compromising the quality. For the leaves, I made several small circles in different colours that overlap each other to form the leaves. This may take a while to complete.

The amount I had done right now is only about half of what is on the waiting list

The extra-large signature you see would be replaced with the regular version when it's done.

I was planning to put up part 15 back on Friday, but didn't like that version partly because, storyline-wise, it does not really get anywhere. It's hard to come up with an exciting storyline and be able to continue on.

Let's see, there must be something I didn't cover:
  • the school campus other than the high school building and the science R&D department of the college area.
  • the other school and house where Hisakawa-san was in at the beginning that was only briefly mentioned
  • the various places in the city
  • the place where Kobayashi Haruna lives, which is located in a town several hours away, though that might be covered in another
  • more elaborated background of the company
  • giving names to people I didn't, especially ones that appear frequently. Hisakawa-san's original name, Haruna's overseas childhood friend, and names of places were intentionally not given any
  • more detailed description, like the atmosphere of the place
  • the two men that tried to harm Hisakawa-san repeately
  • action
  • Hisakawa-san's parents
  • the hidden laboratory at the school and hospital and the equipment there
  • design of uniform
  • Hisakawa-san having a meal
  • etc.
Also, here is some background info that wasn't mentioned partly because Hisakawa-san was born there, so stuff that are very familiar/common to the main character, but not to others, are not mentioned until there are changes:
  • takes place in the Kanto region, Japan
  • if you had paid attention what day of the week the days are, the year (at the start) is either 2005 or 2011
  • during the summer holidays, they did not take the shinkansen to the airport as they had a lot of time before the flight
  • steering wheel is on the right and drives on the left side
  • tables in classrooms are normally not joined together
  • there is a TV at the front left, bottle-green blackboard at the front, and a heater/air-conditioning in each classroom
  • there are windows at the corridors and most of the doors are of sliding type
  • vending machines that accept denominations up to 1000 yen and various cashless cards are everywhere
  • incidently, those same cashless cards mentioned above can be used to pay for public transport, some fast food restaurants and convience stores
  • most of the roads are narrow
  • as trains are the main means of getting aroud, train crossings are quite common in suburban areas and underground for downtown areas
  • etc.


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