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Chasing After Rainbows: filling up optical answer sheets

07 December 2008

filling up optical answer sheets

When filling up optical answer sheets with a pencil, I am tempted to select the option that I had not selected after a few questions. The options are usually 1,2,3,4 or A,B,C,D and the details of those options in the questions are usually found

If I had discovered a mistake later on, I would have to erase the shaded option. The problem with this is that there would be a mark left behind and options for the neighboring questions might get partially erased too. Checking what those options were by referring to the question is quite troublesome as I can forget what I was even doing in the first place.

I think my come-of-age day is either just on the first Monday of next month or the following year, I'm not sure which, but time sure seem to have flown by so quickly...

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