Alternate Dimension (Part 43)

The way the car brought me to the building made me sick with bumps, quick turns, and rapid speed that I had motion sickness. It took me a while before I remembered why I was there when I saw clothes and bags on the ground. The place is eerily quiet and empty for a place known to be full of people at all times.

For the safety of others, I did not bring along any tracking or communication devices. Besides, they can track and see what I'm doing without any additional equipment on me, but I can't tell what they want me to do. There might be lags from between a few milliseconds to several hours if I had been time-traveling (and off my original timeline by a few seconds upon returning) or travel at high speeds for a long period of time causing an unnoticeable time-traveling into the future by a few seconds. The latter might seem insignificant, but it adds up: I first noticed this in middle school by synchronizing with a clock up to the very second, have my daily commute to school, and checked with the same clock some time later to find it out of sync. I know it can't be the battery, but that was the reason people gave without even investigating it.

Entering the building was surprisingly easy, almost too easy. It's as though they were…

Man A: "There you are. We knew you come here on your own, little girl."

…expecting me. He has this aura of evil around him, and where did the other men with chainsaws and machine guns come from? CHAINSAWS??!! I don't think I can survive being chopped into pieces.

Me: "What do you want from me? Why are you people killing people associated with the Hatsuya Institute? What did they do to you? Why are you using violence?"

Man A: "That's none of your business."

Man B: "Say, aren't you the one whom we send someone to kill you some years ago? Those guys are useless. Just because you founded another company and inactive with the Guys! Cut her into pieces and send her to the meat factory!"

Uh oh. This is happening sooner and on a scale larger than I was expecting. I'm in big trouble: how do I fight back when I'm empty-handed? Although they are spread apart, there's ample space for me to slip past them. The problem? Why did I pick these pair of high heels knowing that I would have difficulty running in these? Either way, there's a slim chance I would make it to the elevator over there and have the doors close before they could reach me.

Man C: "She's running for the elevator! Get her!"

They're getting closer quickly. What did I do to deserve this? Why did I come here without help or equipment?

Man A: "You can't get away now! One of our guys has cut the power of the elevator out!"

Oh no, my only way out is a dead end.

Next thing I knew, I saw them cutting the arms and legs of my headless body and then carrying only my body along (I can feel it), leaving my other body parts behind. They did try to cut that before my head, but failed to because of the swimsuit on it. I'm horrified on the idea of cutting people up, but I never thought I would be the victim and seeing it as it happened with all the blood! Wait... how am I seeing this? Why am I still able to think? Why didn't I feel anything as they attacked me, but yet reacted as though I did?

After what seemed liked endless boredom with my (missing) body feeling endlessly being touched, causing me to be unable to think for a while each time, familiar voices appeared. There was a feeling that a lot of people were looking.

Staff A: "Boss! What have they done to her?"

Staff B: "Why did she do it knowing that something like this would happen?"

Staff C: "Even though we had disabled whatever caused the phenomenon and called the police along, we were too late to prevent this from happening. I don't think the hospital could do anything to restore her either."

Director: "I never thought this could happen to her, let alone seeing it with my own eyes."

Itsuki: "She's still alive. We can reset this thing here so that she could move and talk to us, but, as you point out, her body is missing, so we can't put her back together. The logs from when we last saw her are still running. Look, even our current conversation is there. Saeko, you can move now."

I was able to move my arms, legs, and head. Looks odd since my main body is missing and the rest are moving around like fishes out of the water: I was trying to get up. I accidentally kicked my other leg as that happened.

Me: "Opps. Didn't mean to kick my leg away. I need help here. "

I noticed that my voice came out of the device Itsuki is holding instead of my mouth, though my lips did move as normal. I guess my vocal cords are not working as my head was split apart at the neck. An unfamiliar person that appeared to be my aly collected all my remaining body parts and placed them in some order in a luggage bag like I'm something you disassemble when storing aside. They didn't close the bag though.

Me: "As you can see, they had cut me into pieces and obtained my body for whatever they want since they noticed I didn't die after ramming a van at me at speeds that should have. Right now, they are some floors up trying to figure out how to remove the swimsuit that made me invincible as they think I have computer parts inside. I don't know where exactly though."

Itsuki: "According to signals we are receiving, it's at the 49th floor. There are no records of any tenants occupying that level, and the only way to get there is through the stairs at a particular area of a certain floor. Saeko, you obviously can't do anything at your current state, but you can help with the police by providing visuals as to what is going on up there, including possible ambushes in hidden areas."

Me: "Well, I'll try."

After some trial and error, I somehow manage to provide visuals of the place at angles and places the security cameras are unable to cover. Not sure how accurate this is, considering I've never been into any part of the building but the ground floor lobby. I decided to send the police tracking information on everyone there associated with the company should they try to escape later.

On one of the visuals has men in surgery outfits trying to figure out how to open up my body. They seemed unaware of the situation outside.

Man A: "I don't get it, why is this thing impossible to cut? We have already cut off her legs, arms, and head, but why can't we cut her body with the same chainsaw or even poke a needle in? It looks totally unscratched. Why is this body still moving around with the head chopped off like a cockroach? Good thing it doesn't has legs or hands to get away. Hey, stop moving!"

He punched hard into my body. I can feel the impact of him doing that.

Man B: "Well, we could use it as our play toy."

He did something that forced me to blush excessively. Hey, stop that.

Man B: "See? It even reacted to what I do to the body."

Man A: "Well, it's no fun with that thing in the way. Can't believe something that thin is impossible to cut or remove. How is this thing moving? I see flesh and blood instead of chips and wires at the areas that were cut."

Man C: "Let's try pouring acid like what we did to the director's nephew last winter or throw it into flames."

They just said something that had everyone listening to have their attention: they are the culprits that caused Kotomi to go blind and was later killed by a train. Even the Kotomi that's still alive now in the current dimension knows about this event from the (now altered) future. The police are now sneaking their way to the room my body is held hostage, with another team or me informing of potential dangers along the way.

The crooks poured as much acid as they felt like (which was a lot more than the amount poured into Kotomi's eyes) and watched me suffer the pain.

Man A: "Odd. Although the body is reacting as it should, there are no signs that acid was even poured: it's completely dry as though nothing happened!"

Man B: "What is this thing?!"

Man C: "We could use it as a shield at least."

No, I don't want to be your shield, and that acid you poured earlier was painful.

By this time, the police managed to quietly eliminate all the thugs outside and are proceeding towards where my body is. They are figuring stuff from how to do their next move to unlocking the type of lock used on the door (assuming it's locked) in a discreet manner, without alerting people on the other side, which is hard unless you can do that instantly and bash in immediately afterward.

What happened soon afterward happened too quick for me to follow, but the thugs that attacked were either shot dead or arrested, including the three that tried to cut my body apart. Although I'm still alive, they used photo and video of me being cut and appearing dead earlier and the copy of the footage I've sent to Kotomi ages ago as evidences for my "brutal murder" or "manslaughter". After all, who would believe that real footage of a girl who has been cut into pieces and blood all over (which is disturbing to look at) when the victim in question is still alive in one piece? People that had disappeared has now reappeared, but with all of their things on the ground (read: people screaming everywhere on what they saw). Those that were in transit found themselves at places far away from their intended destination or in a mysterious crash they weren't in a second earlier (to them).

Oh wait, the press... What should they report? Besides the above, for sure that the organization behind many crimes has been brought down, but people would notice the sudden peace, and the police team is a third-party to any of the research companies and is a body of the government. People visiting to parts of this building or walking past would notice the commotion and the long line of police vehicles. Plus, my friends might hear it and see me in a negative point of view or investors of my company would pull out, indirectly affecting my income. Er... What should I do? What can I do? Hope the police here would not reveal everything in the press conference.

Chapter 10


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