Need to clean my room badly...

(I haven't been online lately due to O-Levels)

It seems that my room is very messy and needs to be cleaned up badly. Although I had cleaned it up before, I only do one section which means that it gets messy again. So, to make more space (and not leaving things around the house; outside my room), I have to remove the junk like tissue boxes and tube (the cardboard thing at the center of the toilet paper/kitchen roll). While cleaning, I found old stuff (including empty food boxes with an expiry date in the year 2002).

I will post pics later as i'm downloading 17 episodes of "mahou sensei negima" and "negima!?" (about 246MB and 173 MB each respectively) at the original time of post. Speaking of anime, I should be updating the "Anime i'm currently watching" section here and here. When it finishes downloading (or at least enough to upload images), I will post screenshots from the anime i'm currently watching. BTW, japanese anime that are broadcast here are from between 2 to 30 years ago. There is Animax here but I don't subscribe to it. Although it is much better than terrestrial TV in terms of content, most of the anime there (according to the list at wikipedia) are from the 1990s though the most recent is from 2004. Also most are dubbed (not sure if there is an option to switch between the original and the dubbed).

(17 Nov edit) Here are the Pictures i took on 13 Nov (unless otherwise mentioned):

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

Picture 3:

Picture 4:

Picture 5:

As you can see, it is very messy and it may take some time to completely clear them up. So far as of 17 November 2006, I have already clean up the inside of the closet (picture 5) and working on the things on top of it.


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