About my friendster account

(This paragraph was originally posted at the media box in my 3rd friendster account on 1 January 2007)
"Unless I know you well in persorn, add me to ' -Konomi's acc (no. 4623690) instead. (and no, she's not stealing stuff from me nor am I stealing stuff from her since I know her very well and worked on stuff together)"

(This paragraph was originally posted at the media box on the same profile on the same day)
Did you actually believe what I said in my shoutout? The part in parentheses? XD In case you didn't know, ' -Konomi's acc is actually mine! In fact, when I first created that acc back in dec 2003. Back then the only friend I have added is my sister under my real name (not telling what) with my real picture (which since, has been removed). Then, somewhere along the way, i decided to add anime anime images, changed my (display) name, gender, location, etc... Eventually, when I finally have real friends to add to friendster (as recent as early 2006), I end up created this account so that they know that it's me. (though those added before sep 2006 appear either only there or both). The same reason can be explain for yukari yoshda's account but that is not as popular as the other one. I hope this acc does not become another one. P.s. Athrun (the one in ' -Konomi Yuzuha- ''s account) from singapore seems to be talking to me the most. The pencil drawing you see in the media section is actually drawn by me, but I actually traced from somewhere else and improved on it. I had to figure out the shading (the originals were in colour). This is so long... i might post this on my blog too.

Notice how I use the words "I", "we", "her", "she" and "me" to refer to myself. And unless you have read the 2nd paragraph, you may think that I am referring to someone else when I'm actually referring to myself. XD I want ppl to think that the owner of my 1st and 3rd acc belongs to completely different people.

In case you didn't know, "Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Toukyou Prefecture" refers to Akihabara in Tokyo. It is commonly used in postal adresses. Also, there is no direct/obvious link to this blog from there.


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