the Moneysense event

There was a moneysense event project with the actual day on 1 nov at ite college east (simei). It started when lawson called me for something during the holidays for 3 days on weekdays (sc oath taking practice was on the other 2 days). I initally didn't want to do it because i did the classofclowns just a few months earlier which was crazy. But due to "lack of manpower" (the other 3 didn't do much/anyhting) and lawson working for some media company (he offered me to work with him but i indirectly rejected the offer for reasons mentioned 2 posts before this), I had to do the work in the end, though mdm salinah (along with people whose name i cant remember) did the music and final edit. There was conflict with my class lessons, the moneysense rehersal, jan intake graduation nite preperation meeting, another oathtaking rehersal, and japanese class. All on the same day and is supposed to be between 3pm and 6pm. Then the rehersal 2 days before the actual day. (More details) Then the actual day came,

At the foyer

Inside the audotorium.


Of course, I had to take a break sometimes.

Taken during the rehersal at ite east audotriun. the sc members you see in the background are there for the ushering.

The changing rooms backstage

View of the place 2 imgs above turned around.


Them rehersing.

Before departing on actual day

a band from somewhere

He did well in the rehersals, but forgot the the words during the actual thing.

sc members getting ready for the crowd.

Taking pictures backstage

Yes, that is a ps3 and a laptop you see there

And suddenly, the audiance appears.


The camera on the tripod there is where min rong and Quader are sitting.

Hehe, haha, lol (where did they get the baloons from?)

mdm salinah's husband, me (lie), and mdm salinah

Amir seems to be the odd one out

What are you doing?

Don't mind me, I'm just taking a picture of you all without your permission.

What's going on in there?

Blur picture of some minister.

The person 2nd left from the ministrer looks famillar...

Guess where this is

Not far from my home

If this building is unoccupied, how come I see the fans spinning an a (not-so-new) car there?

The previous 3 and this shot are unrelated to this post.


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