101st post: Testing new template

(Wow, 101 posts already?)

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Recently, you might have saw the layout for this blog (the one you are reading this at) edited. I could use the 3rd party ones, but a lot of them uses the old version (ie. doesn't support the "widgets"), and the ones for the new version are only a handful.

Seeing that my blog for IT stuff have very little stuff on other than posts, I decided to use that as a testing ground for my blog layouts as I don't have anything to loose in case I decided to revert back to the original or use the classic template.

For the screenshot you see at the top, it's the edited version of "Harbour" by Douglas Bowman. Using the anime episode numbers to replace all the images there, I have manage to put the images at the correct images and see what would happen if an image is larger than the original assigned image or put up an animated gif image.

It appears that I can't change the main background colour without editing the HTML...
On top of that, you may be wondering: "Why the heck are there so many (female high school) anime characters there if it's for IT and not anime?". Simple, the images I uploaded elsewhere cannot be used there for technical/bandwidth reasons. IT related product images are hard to come by and can get outdated in from just a few months to a few years. Also, the layout is more likely to be used on an anime-related blog. Therefore, I would be able to know how to do the image positioning and stuff, though I don't know how to improve this layout...

One of the images that was used in the layout.


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