What to do with an annoying ad

So, you were happily clicking around when something pops out at your face or hear some sound that did not came from what you were interacting with, or some redirect page just for the ad. There are no additional software/plug-in or coding hacks involved. There are three of the most annoying kinds (besides pop ups/under) I'm talking about here, though I don't think these points would be useful.

I'm complaining mainly because less than 1% of the ads I come across are even reverent to my interest, and none of that 1% could attract my interest to click on the link.

Banners that enlarge and/or play some animation, static ad that pauses the video underneath it
This is kind of annoying if you are hovering over one and the link you wanted to click on is obstructed by the banner. Here's how to deal with it:
  1. Tolerating
  2. Using an ad-blocker
  3. Complain to the owner of the site
  4. Subscribe to some "premium" account to have it not appear

Redirects you to some page that displays ads of any kind for x-amount of seconds
This is kind of tricky and more annoying than the above. In addition to the above here are some more points:
  1. Click on an "X" or a link that (claims to) bring you to the page you are supposed to see
  2. Wait for x amount of time (usually 30s) before redirecting
  3. Load the page again and hope the redirect does not happen
Video ads that plays before the video you wanted and can't be skipped
Usually applies to online video streaming through a desktop browsers. I don't mind it appearing at the beginning of a cinema theater film, but this kind should not even exist on DVDs too. This are the most irritating type of ad besides pop-ups. Here's what you do with it:
  1. Watch it
  2. Look elsewhere while waiting
  3. Refresh the page
  4. Pay money for an account that does not have that to appear
  5. Look for an alternative version/method that does not have this to appear
  6. Forget about the video you wanted to watch, and move along


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