Alternate Dimension (Part 64)

Kotomi's unexpected immediate departure after attending the funeral of Nanami's family on the same day as her arrival left Itsuki and I speechless, but at the same time relief our fears of the possibility of bringing her to our parent's house as there's the mess and questionable things left lying around in there. Our parents already knows about Itsuki's change of appearance when wearing his work attire (mother is always at home when Itsuki comes back), but they were not told to not say anything about it to Kotomi. Her graduation day is just a few months away, so I'm guessing that she is busy preparing for her final exams or project. I don't know when exactly her graduation day is, but I know the school year there starts in September instead of April here.

Our parents already see Itsuki and Kotomi like a married couple since they first met the latter. They say having a girl who is pretty, with grades far better than him, and her loving him like she can't live without him without caring about his appearance is quite hard, especially without itsuki doing much with a lot of competition. If you didn't know about Kotomi's family, you might easily mistake her to be a single child of a well-off family for having an uncle in a top position of a well-known company who sees her like a daughter that might succeed him and being the top in her middle and high school.

Mom: "You two are back already? where's that Miyazawa-san? You said she's flying in from America today. Is she with her family?"

Itsuki: "Well, she wanted to go back to her university as soon as the funeral ended. I'm not sure why myself. Oh, we were caught in the rain, so we should..."

Mom: Oh, yes right.

Itsuki and I share the same room, and mom was the one who said so. She saw me as the daughter she had wanted, and being the same person as the son she gave birth to instead.

Being in that room with him feels strange: he's the opposite gender as me and gets attracted to, but he's me too. He has used that seemingly normal looking computer on the study desk to control what I know and how I would behave. So far, he made me know more things than Kotomi and work related things. We had also gave up trying to hide secrets as we would know what the other learnt or knew, including passwords and number codes, so he can't surprise me unless he's doing it without thinking or when I'm sleeping. At the corner of the room, a white coat and... why are there female clothing besides the Mizuho uniform?

Itsuki: "Ah! Well, some of these are what I found myself wearing underneath the uniform while removing, and the rest are... either bought while at Mizuho, or borrowed from you."

Sometimes I wonder if he is crazy or is forced to do it.

Me: ""Borrowed" from me? You just took them from my house near here without telling me. Well, I guess it's okay with me... but wash them when it gets dirty."

Itsuki has access to my penthouse that was completed some years ago. I wanted the whole family to move there, but my parents doesn't want to. Itsuki is staying at the old house only because he doesn't want to be lonely, but does drop by my house as there are many things there.

My car that was given to me by the Hatsuya Institute is parked at the basement, but Itsuki uses it to go piratically anywhere where there is parking space, without my permission. I couldn't stop him from using it as the car's security could not tell the difference between me and him. There's a feature where only I could do is to tell where the car is or summon it to anywhere, and driving without controlling or being in the driver's seat. I don't think it's even possible to try this, but you can't crash the car into anything: the car would analyze the surrounding area so that you would have full control of the car unless it detects unsafe driving or about to be crashed into by an external thing, where the car might seem to not respond and doing its thing until the danger is over. Some fine-tuning needs to be done to prevent over-reacting, but it's hard to tell when the car is actually adverting danger while trying to look as though you aren't in any. I don't know how it can be upgraded to not look dated after a few years.

Author's note: Sorry if it's shorter than usual. I have many end-of-the-year things to do and can't really think about what to write. What you see above is actually completed the previous week and never got to be published until now.


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