An Unexpected Wish (Part 9)

As Nanami travelled along her way home, she was still mystified on how she found herself in the white void that also stopped  her time while she was there. It seemed like a long time while she was there, but only a second outside of it. Even more puzzling was how did she end up at Saeko Hisakawa's house, which was at a completely different prefecture and certainly never been to before, when Nanami was at her own home just before she was at the world of white void. A big mystery.

The train she is in are mostly people older than her heading home. Despite the time and how close the last train would be, the train is not empty either. Her trip involved transfering to different lines. Nanami is greatful for the money that Saeko gave her as she would have otherwise been stuck as she does not have money on her. She uses coins as much as possible so that the coins don't weigh her down much.

As she was traveling on the train that passes through crowded stretches, she noticed a man standing in front of her who looked as if he was attempting to stare at Nanami without Nanami noticing, but it's clear from his facial expression that he is attempting to resist attacking Nanami.

Nanami heard the man mumbling to himself "Wow, a cute random girl is talking to me when I'm feeling down. No, I must resist the urge." Nanami has gotten used to this kind of reaction by men, but something is different about this man: apart from the usual not-so-obvious bulge in his pants, she noticed that his height is shrinking, and his clothes morphing. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"Excuse me, are you all right?", said Nanami in an unsure and worried voice.

The man seem surprised that Nanami was talking to him sighed and look at her with a sad face, unaware that his body is transforming.

"I've just been fired from my job, my wife had just divorced me before we even had kids, my parents are dead, and I have no friends to talk to. Of course I'm not all right."

She was expecting a response relating to his transforming body, but didn't seem to even notice his reducing height while talking to Nanami. Even the pitch of his voice seem to be getting higher too.

The man continued being transformed in front of Nanami, even as the people around them doesn't seem to notice it. His height continued
 shrinking until reaching around the same as Nanami's standing height.

The man's suit followed his shrinking and, when it stopped, the patterned shirt underneath turned plain white, and the tie morphing into a ribbon. His outer suit and pants turned into what appeared to be a  blazer and checkered skirt similiar to the female uniform that Nanami had seen before, but not knowing what school it is from. in addition, he seem to be also wearing black pantyhose underneath the skirt. He now looks like a man wearing a female school uniform that are clearly too small for him.

Just as Nanami thought the transformation has ended, something suddenly shot outwards from underneath the front middle of the skirt like a rocket and made that area surrounding the tip of the bulge noticeably wet. However, that budge itself decreased shortly afterwards and, simonetenously,
two mounds on his chest began inflating, forcing themselves through his shirt and blazer. Even the tip of these lumps made the area surrounding it wet. The mounds did not stop inflating until some moments after the bludge poking through the skirt disappeared. The rest of his body started morphing rapidly afterwards to had him develop feminine features of an age far younger than he was, which has no resemblance to his pre-transformed self.

The middle-aged business man that was standing in front of Nanami now looks no different than any high school girl. No one but Nanami had noticed the transformation! Nanami was shocked at what just happened, and thought that it might have been caused by magic.

"Are you alright?", asked Nanami again but in a more worried tone. She wasn't sure to point out to the transformed man on the changes that just happened.

"Oh, er, haha. Sorry. It must be, you know, a girl's thing. It's not like I can stop it from happening myself. Like I said, I just came back from cram school, and this immense pressure of people, especially my parents, to enter a famous university."

Nanami was sure that was completely different from what was said before being transformed. The areas that became wet during transformation remained wet. Other people didn't even seem to notice despite happening right next to them.

 "Ah. This is my stop. See you soon.", said the girl when the train arrived at the next station. She looked as if she has urgent things to do.

Nanami thought
 how is this girl suddenly having parents when she, as a man before being transformed, said that they died. How is she suddenly in school, and a cramp school, when she said she was just fired? It seems that her personality seem to have changed too, and reality could have possibly been altered to force her transformed existence with others, like her genes being altered to be someone else's parents that never actually gave birth to her who, to accomodate the man's transformation into a girl, had their minds altered to also think she really is their daughter. This girl is not the female version of the man she was, but a completely different person!

The fact no one else noticed the change could also mean that they had been altered into thinking that the person standing in front of me has always been a girl.

Nanami wondered why this was happening or if it was related to the things she did in the white void. In particular, the knobs labeled in an unknown foreign language that she has been fiddling around and mistaken for something else. She also wondered if it would happen again, and she wasn't sure who to talk about it as it's certainly too surreal for anyone to believe.


Meanwhile, the transformed schoolgirl noticed something was odd with her body that required her to head to the female toilet quickly.

The girl wondered how did her blouse and blazer get soaked with her breast milk despite wearing a bra, which itself was dry. She also noticed that her pantyhose and areas on the front of her skirt was wet too.
She touched it and immediately became disgusted: it was male semen. If it was her body's "love juice", it would be different. 
The girl was shocked. How could this have happened? Was she raped? But it's so fresh that the only time it could had happened was the time she was on the train, which she certainly remembered not being raped. Also, the angle of it made it stranger: the only way that is possible is if a man had been wearing her skirt and pantyhose (she found that disgusting), or if it came from herself at that time, both of which seemed impossible according to what she remembers. No one but herself was wearing it the whole day, and, being a female, her body can't produce it, and certainly not able to have her liquid ejection go anywhere but downwards, which would certainly not reach the middle front of her skirt. She wondered of she had been raped on the train and actually started to get worried if she would become pregnant.

Unknown to her, it actually came from herself. She has no memories of ever being a white-collar male worker before being transformed. Her new memories had her thinking that she has always been a girl.

This was just the beginning of people being transformed into schoolgirls, and also the depletion of the male gender.


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