Disorientated Feelings (Part 56)

No one became aware of this as it happened until there was a large deviation when data was being gathered for the population census of the year after it happened, or people noticing the absence of the elderly, or an unusually high number of schoolgirls that replaced them. Indirectly, the number of deaths from age-related illnesses has dropped too. Of course, a lot of time may have passed for this to be noticeable. These transformed people had also been genetically modified to seem as if they actually the daughter of any random couple, as well as the memories of the people who knows either the new or old selves. This is technically still going on today, but the difference being everyone remembering who they were. The earliest knowns report of it happening was from my aunt, whom she claims that a man she saw on the train transforming in front of her, or suddenly having a sister she never had before living with her. It is difficult for me to use her words as an official eyewitness account, but I had promised her to believe it. I did not believe it was happening myself until my great grandmother vanished like she never existed, were it conflicted with my memory on there supposedly someone elderly who is related to me living with her.

Research at Hatsuya has verified that every single part of their body of a transformed person is completely identical to that of a typical teenage girl (regardless of age or gender prior to transformation), from their body growth, DNA, and even posses a functioning female reproductive system.  We can't scientifically explain how or why this can happen at all, but we know it is happening all around us and who are the likely people to be transformed next: elderly people, and manly men. This also means that most of the untransformed people are women, who have to compete with the ever increasing gender imbalance of fewer and fewer men as time passes, with more of the remaining men being less and less manly. There are no known non-elderly women who had been transformed, so it is safe to assume that almost all of the transformed girls at this point in time were previously men. Everyone is aware of this issue, but what can be done to reverse, or at least stop, this phenomenon that is driving humans to extinction from females being unable to find a male to reproduce with? As for how these transformed people looked, they resemble being the daughter of two of the oldest people they live with (in terms of biological age), including their family which goes like this:
  1. If both of those people are their parents or siblings, they may look very much like a youthful female version of their old face, though a little less if one of them is their child instead.
  2. If one or both are her children, and number 1 being not true, she would look like the daughter of the oldest two, but still have a little resemblance of their former face.
  3. If someone not blood-related are the two oldest in her residence, including spouse and adopted/step child/sibling/parent, they would completely have no resemblance to their former face.
  4. If the household she lives with has no one, or has only one other person, it would be based on  people she is the most emotionally attached to, even if the person is deceased. Depending on who they are, numbers 1, 2, or 3 would apply.

Examination of a test subject that had both before and after data of the transformation has shown that even though their brain has changed to become young, like the rest of the body, they seem to have their minds intact. However, the same can't be said for their memories as they do not recall negative experiences, even if things that are supposed to trigger a particular memory are shown.   Behaviour-wise, they are usually graceful and elegant.

Seeing that all transformed girls have the same behaviour characteristics, I sometimes wonder if their brains has been rewired as part of the transformation to have it a part of their new behaviour, or are they stuck in a hell of being unable to express what they feel that is outside their possibly forced feminine behaviour? It's difficult not to behave femininely because it has been hard-wired into their brain as part of the transformation at a level of their subconscious that they may not be aware of it to the point that it is difficult to even think of behaving otherwise, or be able to express it if they could. It is not clear if these girls have a high tolerance of things that would make an untransformed person angry easily, or if they are just unable to express anger at all.

Not everyone likes being turned into young girls. Wives have complained that they can't have an intercourse with their husbands any more, amongst other reasons relating to what men could do that women can't. Even the transformed girls themselves were complaining about their new bodies, though having their brains rewired to behave differently and forget negative memories means that they can't argue well, or had them thinking into not minding the change at all enough to not complain.

To tell the difference between a transformed girl, and an untransformed girl of about the same biological age is quite hard at a glance as, after all, a transformed girl is the same as an untransformed one, but there are other factors that are noticeable. It is hard to say if this also applies to those transformed in the first year as nobody knows who they were, and any observation made in that time may have been lost.
  1. Transformed girls have an average breast size in such a way that they could barely see their own legs if they look directly down while standing, so that means none of them are flat-chested. Some pre-transformation females have reported that their new size are smaller than what they had previously, though none from post-transformation people.
  2. Neither strong nor aggressive. That means any female that shows otherwise is likely to be untransformed, though this can cause problems for the transformed girl if she has a blue-collar job before evolution. Companies who have fired transformed girls because of this have found themselves in a difficult position of finding someone suitable to hire.
  3. Transformation automatically removes any disability and illness they may have, including birth defects, visual impairment, diseases or cancer, and amputated limbs. (Scarily enough, this also includes people who were brain-dead, or in a deep coma. People might have wondered if it is really them for the former case.) That means that there are no transformed girls with any disabilities, unless as a result of an event that happened afterwards.
  4. No menstruation. The eggs in her uterus remains in her body and usable until it gets fertilised and given birth the resulting offspring, which can happen at any time, or has been detected to have been removed by external factors for long enough. Since this means not having blood or pain from a period that they would not have, the girl herself might mistake this as a sign that she can't get pregnant, which would be true if she were an untransformed female.
  5. Clothing style. They are more likely to be seen in something that closely resembles a blazer school uniform or a business suit, though variations seen often include sailor blazer and sweater or vest, or, more commonly in summer, not wearing the outer clothing at all. Those who live with someone who had transformed said that their wardrobe had changed too, and they rarely wear anything else, even at home. They seem reluctant to wear anything else, especially dresses, which I find ironic as it is as feminine as what these people are.
  6. When transformed girls make direct eye contact, she would become infatuated with lust. The girls themselves do not know why this happens. I'm making a wild guess here, but since transformed girls were previously either male or female, this instinct is based on a fusion of how both genders see the opposite gender, but adjusted to be of the same gender instead? However, they showed no attraction towards untransformed females, and mild levels for untransformed males. It's hard to explain this observation without assigning these transformed girls as a completely new gender, but yet they are very similar to females in almost all aspects.
It is too early to say for sure if these transformed girls would be transformed again when they reach the biological age that it happens, or if any further complication to this transformation would happen in the future to address the issue of having too few males for females to reproduce with. It is wrong to assume that this transformation affects only men, but it is hard to deny that the majority of the transformed girls so far were men because people are being transformed appear to be based on how manly they were, in descending order. There are untransformed women who are just tough as men who had already transformed now, but why have they not transformed yet? (As much as nobody want to be transformed to begin with.) Well, if a person's manliness levels is measured based on the amount testosterones in their body, it certainly would make more sense as women can be tough, but have low or no testosterones in their body. This also means that those who had injected testosterones into their system "to boost sporting performance" found themselves to get transformed almost immediately because their "manliness" levels have become higher than what the next highest untransformed person has. In other words, they have moved up the queue.

I hate to say this, but mankind will be facing extinction from just females being unable to produce offspring from the absence of males, who had all been turned into females. However, there is hope that this may not happen within a century: if transformed people get transformed again, that would mean, in theory, people living for longer than a century, or even for eternity. Why? Well, old people die from age-related illnesses, but transformation prevents them from being biologically able to get old to even have it. However, it is still possible for the human population to decrease from other factors like accidents.

I know this is inevitable to happen to my dad like everyone else, but the thought that it would happen to people close to me seemed like the last thing on my mind that I was not mentally prepared for it. I wouldn't have thought that a schoolgirl that just appeared in my household was my father if he had not transformed in front of everyone.

It happened on a seemingly ordinary weekend at my parent's house. Well, not an ordinary one as it was my father's birthday. You would think that someone of my age with children in school would have parents in their sixties, but my parents are still in their forties! That just says how young they were when they had me, and the only thing I know about how they met is that they were classmates in school. It didn't help that dad himself was born to a teenage couple, and me having more siblings than the average family in this country. I know I should be calling that "teenage couple" as my grandparents, but I honestly don't remember who they were: anyone transformed in the first year where this unexplainable phenomenon happened, which were made up of the elderly, and people known to cause serious crimes, were turned into young teenage girls.

So, it is one of those days where neither my husband or children would oddly would not want to celebrate with me at my parent's house with my siblings for lunch. Well, I guess they are like total strangers to them... Not that they had much interaction with each other to begin with.

Being the eldest daughter, I was expected to help out with the lunch preparation. My siblings that could cook, however, played a larger role in the preparation than me. Izumi in particular as she is the second eldest daughter who took over cooking for the family after I move out when I got married.

We just had lunch where all of us, including my parents, are hanging out in the living room to watch whatever is on television at the moment, or doing other activities in there. My youngest siblings are still in school, so they have some some studying to do.

After about an hour of watching television, my dad started yelling loudly in pain, which attracted the attention of everyone. Mom, who was sitting with him got spooked out and got some distance from dad. Dad then made random noises and movements that don't make sense, before he collapses onto the sofa in an unconscious state.

What happened to dad next surprised everyone. I was expecting it, but yet not mentally prepared.


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