727th post: New Blog layout

These days, I spent more of my time on twitter, so this blog has been neglected. But as the link to this blog is the most prominent thing, the increasingly dated blog layout has been bothering me. I've updated my blog to the new layout.

What elements on the interwebs has affected this blog since then?
  • How public links on Dropbox/OneDrive work: Public folders has discontinued and has become a regular folder. Instead, a specific file/folder has to be specified to share publicly. That means links to my stories in e-book format may not work.
  • Photobucket disallowing off-site linking: You may have heard of this one. It is still technically possible, but that requires upgrading the account to a certain paid tier. People find that even the lowest tier that allows this can be too much.

What about the links to my other blogs? Well, those have been more neglected than this one. So those has to go as part of improving the blog layout.

Seriously, it's too much to manage on my own.

Known pages containing outdated info:
  •  FAQ Q16: I have a gaming-capable desktop PC now, and some older ones no longer work
  • FAQ Q17: iOS 11.2.6 is the latest as of the time of writing this.
  • FAQ Q21: Paypal widget is kind of buggy, so I removed it. However, the email address for sending via paypal is unchanged. You can send me in any currency, but USD is the most preferred. You can send me Bitcoin, if you would like to use another method, so send it to 1Le2r2mq4b1BDoynuhgAJerHXMhdrDFtMD 1JAuQ5C66PZwTiuHb8rXfCVxZrSG6URTLq
  • Getting Around Tokyo 1: Sales tax has increased, so the fares reflected there is outdated. It was 5% back then, and 8% today, but 10% is being planned. You can calculate the new fares from that, but keep in mind that since 10 yen coins are the lowest denomination, cash payment is rounded up to the closest 10 yen.
  • Getting Around Tokyo 2: JR East and Apple has introduced Suica with iPhone's Apple Pay since the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (iPhone 7 in the Japanese market). As long as where you are paying accepts the regular Suica, the virtural Suica would work. Ticket machines (in JR East stations, at least) has been upgraded to let you add value to it via cash. Alternate option is to pay by any debit or credit card you have added to Apple Pay of the same device (subject to charges by your bank).
3rd April 2018 edit: Changed the BTC address from one that begins with 1L to 1J. Do not send to the old one as I am discontinuing it.


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