Story 9 Part 2

Ever since that news report about the male celebrity being turned into a young lady, I've never heard of any new reports of cases like her since. I think that report made me see more people dressed like her at the places I deliver my parcels to. I don't know if they could be wearing other kinds of clothing, with as yet unknown conditions determining it, or if it affects regular women too. However, with Tokyo itself having a lot of offices where all the foreign and local big companies set up their headquarters, as well as a large population travelling around, people in office attire are everywhere. It is one of the first things I noticed when I moved from Sapporo. Office clothing certainly won't stand out here, even far away from Marunouchi, Tokyo's financial district. Blend in I would say, as the towns surrounding Tokyo are where people working inside live at, covering a huge area with a large population. However, in a large population city, what may seem like everyone does not necessarily mean the majority of the population, which is a concept that blew my mind when I think about it.

There is no way I can tell a transformed person from a normal woman with their external appearances being so similar. There are situations, that I have seen myself, where these transformed people stick out like a sore thumb: a lady in office clothes doing chef things in a restaurant, doing construction work, or just simply the only one not wearing what other people with her wear. This confirms my suspicion that there may be more, but I can never be sure without checking up close in a way that would make them uncomfortable. Too much of a coincidence, but it does say somethings going on. These "sightings" are still as rare as seeing birds that you don't usually see.

Clothes that these people wear (or at least ones I know or stood out) are more akin to women's business style, but with colour schemes besides the usual black or white, it's more like a school uniform, but yet distinctively different when compared to an actual blazer uniform. As random as it seems, they usually compliment each other and never in colours or patterns I would consider awful, like neon pink camouflage pattern.

Speaking of awful clothes, I notice as of late, women wearing mismatching clothes over their smart clothes, as if they didn't notice that they already had smart clothes on in the first place. A recipient in an apartment I made my delivery rounds to this time is one such person.

Her name is Yanagi Hayashi, according to the name on the package I'm delivering from a shopping site overseas. I would also be picking up another overseas destination from her too.

I rang on the doorbell, but there was no response after waiting for a while. I would take it that she isn't home, but I heard something along the lines of "come on in, I would like to come to you, but I can't get out of my bed". I nervously opened the door, revealing the inside to have a mess of stuff laid all over the floor with typical girl stuff. In one of the rooms she had left the door open, I could see a desktop PC set up for gaming, but also has cameras pointing to where she would sit to use it. Items that would be visible in the background of the cameras are tidied up too, a stark contrast to the rest of the house.

I see the packages she wants to deliver placed on the dining table. Looking around to find where Yanagi is, I saw her in a bed that was unusually located in the living room. The living room has all of the bedroom things and none of the living room, which I would only see in a smaller apartment unit and not one as big as hers. The only TV in the house is a small one mounted close to the dining table like a picture frame.

The woman in the bed was in her jogging outfit wearing a blank expression. Her arms and legs were pointed upwards, swinging left and right like she's hoping to turn her body in any random sideways direction, but her torso staying immobile despite her efforts. What is she doing? Exercising?

"Oh, I'm sorry you had to see me like this. The truth is, I have been struggling to get out of bed. I feel like a a piece of paper with paperweight on me, but I don't see anything holding me down. Could you help me get up and bring me to the table? I need to do a final inspection on the packages.", she requested, pointing to the table with the packages I saw earlier. She seemed embarrassed to ask me to do a simple task she could do on her own.

There's a problem with this for me: she's a woman, and I never touched a woman that isn't my mother. I have never been so up close to a woman in a long time either, and certainly not one with a body that looks like a model in a magazine if she wasn't wearing unappealing jogging outfit over it.

She noticed my hesitation and said, "look, I know you feel uneasy about touching an unknown woman's body, but I seriously can't get up by myself without feeling like I did a marathon, and I don't know anyone that could come help me in a moment's notice. I'll move my legs over the edge of the bed so I'll be standing when you pull me up."

I had my arms over her top and bottom just to see how heavy she is. Unexpectedly, the top of her body is quite heavy. I'm no exercise maniac, but it felt like carrying weights at the gym. Her bottom feels fairly normal, so I felt the weird uneven distribution of weight. She doesn't seem obese, pretty average in fact, so how is it possible that she is this heavy? I managed to get her back off the bed by pulling her up with her arms. At this point, I noticed her wearing a blouse with a tie under her top, and something stuffed inside her jogging pants. Why would she be wearing that under her jogging outfit to bed? Even I don't wear a dress shirt to bed on cold days.

"Ah, finally. It feels great to be standing again. I didn't have this issue until recently, but I didn't do anything different from my routine. Could you bring me to the table?" she said, pointing to the dining table with parcels on it.

She held my hand as we walked to the table, fearing that she could fall from the unfamiliar new sense of balance. I could see the top of her blouse and necktie she had under her outfit at this point. She was visibly trying to find her balance that she wasn't used to, as well as exerting energy to keep herself standing or else her knees would collapse and would face a harder time getting back up while facing down on the floor. I had to help her with this so she would use up less of her energy. I heard her mumble to herself, "something doesn't feel right with my breasts", wearing a confused look. I couldn't tell with her loose-fit jogging clothes.

I lowered her down to a chair at the table. I gave her the package, and took the ones she wants to deliver as we did the paper work. However, the name on the package she's sending out has the name "Park Yeong" instead. She noticed my confusion.

"Ah, yes. Park Yeong is my real name. My great grandparents moved to Japan from Korea when they were young, though never met until later on. They remained in Japan because of uncertainties with the Korean war that technically still hasn't ended as of today. I used the name Yanagi Hayashi as that's how my name in kanji would be read. Overseas online stores only accept Latin characters, who do not see the Japanese and Korean readings of my name in kanji as the same. Using a name different than what is on my payment card complicates customer support, with the name on the card based on the Japanese reading of the name registered with the bank. I don't want to complicate things with the situation at the bank. I have heard of stories form foreigners staying in Japan having a problem because of different ways to put their name in the system, which has a limited number of characters that aren't long enough to put their name in full, resulting in conflicts with just a few character difference of another system they may have registered with."

I got lost. It sounded like rapid talk with a lot of words I don't normally hear.

"Never mind what I said. Just call me Yanagi... Say, would you like to hang out with me sometime? My relatives live near Fukuoka city, so I can't exactly call them all the way from there just to get me up like earlier. You can have my contact details to talk to later. I've held you back long enough, so you can go."

Hold on. She's asking me to hang out with her? I never had friends, let alone a girlfriend. I do feel pity on her using up more muscles than normal just to move herself around, and I feel lonely living alone, so that could work out.

Today is a good day for me.


(Back at the Hayashi residence)

"Whew. Now I can finally move around as long as I don't get back in bed", Yanagi said to herself.

She wanted to ask the deliveryman to help her bring her to the toilet, as she has been stuck in her bed for hours, but she couldn't bring the courage to ask him that. She eventually made to the toilet on her own, but discovered something she did not expect to see: she was wearing a tartan-patterned pleated skirt under her jogging pants.

"Why am I wearing a skirt under my jogging pants? Sure I do wear skirts when I stream sometimes, but I certainly don't wear anything over one," she pondered, referencing her main source of income of playing video games while streaming to her wide audience online. She normally has an overlay of herself over in the corner of the gameplay she plays.

She pushed it aside as she sat down to pee, except nothing happened as she couldn't locate the muscles to be able to do that. Puzzled, she felt the area where it's supposed to come out from, only to find nothing but smooth flat skin like she never had it. Fearing the worst from what she heard in the news, she took off the rest of her jogging clothes to find a short-sleeved blouse and a tie with sleeveless vest over it. The whole set made her appear to be wearing a summer school uniform.

"NO NO NO NO! Ahhhh!!! I've become one of them! Why me? I never thought it would happen to me, not this soon."

While she could remove her vest and tie, her pleated skirt appears to be welded to her hips. Limitations with how much she could open her blouse meant that she can't open it sufficiently enough to get her arms out to be able to get it off. Her blouse would button up by itself if areas underneath the blouse was not touched or properly buttoned up for over a minute. If the tie or ribbon was part of the set, and was removed without being replaced with another, that would come flying from where they were and back on her. The remaining removable clothes would reappear only if what she was already wearing being insufficient to keep warm. The problem with this for Yanagi is that her clothing set is designed for the warmer summer weather, which would do little to keep her warm should that get activated.

Yanagi noted that she could be well-dressed in public like this while still being technically naked. Nothings stopping her from wearing manufactured clothes over these, but quite limited on what she could wear without being uncomfortable or looking awful under or over her skirt.

She noted that when Ichinomiya was holding her hand earlier, senses she felt from her breasts was totally different: she could keep her back straight and move around like she doesn't have breasts. She held them just to make sure she still had them, which gave her a sad reminder that she no longer had the ability to have sex to reproduce with her bottom. To console herself with this sad new reality, she imagined how it could have been like if she could do it with Ichinomiya as she rubbed her breasts, being the only feature on her otherwise feature-less body. The longer she did this thinking of him, an unusual instinct started developing from within where she entered a strange dream.

In the dream, she was being intimate with another woman in her house, whose face Yanagi couldn't register. Yanagi was wearing the same clothes she had on, and the other woman wore clothes that gave the impression of attending prestigious school where snow is frequent. Both were seated on her bed feeling lustful to each other, never questioning who the other woman was or why she was there. Without a word, they mutually unbuttoned their blouses just enough to have their breasts exposed and make contact. Yanagi made the first move to use her breasts to compress the other's, as the other woman laid there surrendered to Yanagi to let her do that against hers. The feeling of doing this was the most amazing thing she felt.

Yanagi had no clue as to what she just did, who this unknown woman was, why she was in her house, or Yanagi herself getting intimate with her. She tried to focus as to remove the fog over who this mysterious woman was: it was Ichinomiya, her new boyfriend but with a woman's body... WHAT?!

This revelation snapped her out of her dream in horror, breathing heavily. She couldn't believe she had a strange dream of doing lesbian things. She has zero interest in being homosexual or having a relationship with another woman, but having the face of the man she fell in love with on that woman's body made her even more confused about her own orientation, or why she had that weird imagination. It did seem like a insert-face-of-someone-here situation, with Ichinomiya's face being the only person she has interacted with recently. Other interactions were faceless text chats with family or her gaming streaming channel.

Yanagi is conflicted as to reveal to Ichinomiya that she had just been transformed. Would he accept her? Would he want to break up? Since she looked and sounded the same as before, she could hold back on revealing, but her strange toilet needs and clothing stuck on her can be tricky to hide from when he's with her.


Author's note: This is a work of fiction.


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