An Unexpected Wish (Part 5)

A little info about Takuya's background: he is older than Nanami by two years.

In his first year, he was in the art club as a natural choice since he was in one during his middle school days. He paints beautiful paintings, some with the aid of his seniors. However, since the club did not meet the minimum amount of members after the seniors graduated, the art club had to be disbanded.

As a replacement for his 2nd and 3rd year, he joined the computer club as he sees programming in one of their activities as an art too by knowing how things would turn out, and how a small mistake can affect the whole thing. There was also a popular female student who is in the same year. She was kind, patient, beautiful and smart. She was so smart, she seemed as though she should have been in a prestigious school, like the Mihara Academy in a neighboring prefecture (it's well known across the country) or a university instead. She is also keeps her cool down in situations where people would normally be stressed up or be angry, like exams or projects. Despite all that, people could sense how serious she is without saying anything. That's probably one of the key points as to why she was chosen to be the president in the final year.

Her personal background info is relatively unknown, but there has been reports that she is sometimes seen leaving in an expensive car or arriving in it when she's late. Except for those times, she is seen walking by herself to a research center nearby everyday most of the time. When a deadline is given by an external party when it's nearing with much stuff not done or some major unexpected problem pops up at the last minute, she would be the last resort as to fix things in an instant. Nobody saw how she did it, but the finished product seem to be professionally done and completed in an instant. She did remind them not to use her as an excuse to be lazy though.

During her graduation last year, everyone was shocked that she did not plan to enter college, but did say she managed to get a job with a well-known medical and research company (a company different from the one she is usually seen going to after school) that needs a qualification higher than a high school diploma. How she got the job is also a mystery, looking at the qualifications and the average age of a new employee there. He hasn't heard much of her since then though, other than she could guarantee a place should he want to work with her. There's also a rumor with supported photos that a girl at the north-western outskirts of the capital looks very much like her, but she's only in Year 1 and does not have the trademark hairstyle people usually identify her with.

When he collected a painting he did together with his seniors earlier, he dropped by the computer room and noticed a box belonging to the girl mentioned earlier that she left behind. It was labeled "Saeko Hisakawa's stuff". In it was a strange looking doll, some papers, media disks, and photos taken during her time in the club. He brought it with him before collecting the painting, hoping that she would collect it back from him one day, since she seemed to have a liking for him.

December 2010, Nanami's grandmother introduced to her the cousin she has been talking a lot about lately and just recently graduated from a university overseas. She's about 21 years of age, so she just legally became an adult not too long ago.

"Hm? Where have I seen you before?"

"It's me, Kotomi! Surely you have seen me when you were 9 back in April 2004. You were even playing with my younger siblings back then."

"I do remember that I was playing with someone during Hanami when I was younger, but not the faces though. However, I have seen you quite recently though."

"She was at the funeral," the grandmother quietly added and walked away.

Nanami tried to recall whom she met. Although she looked like she was about to fall into tears when thinking, she suddenly exclaimed.

"You had a boyfriend whose younger sister gave me the largest sum of money! I thought the bag contained clothes until I opened it! Never seen someone like that before. You sure are lucky for you to meet a family that rich!"

"Yeah, I myself didn't know they were that rich, since it happened out of the blue. They portrayed the exact opposite image when I first met them: poor, typical house, minimal furnishing inside, some dust here and there. My boyfriend is jealous that his younger sister is more popular than him, but at least he got me. I don't know what made me like him though, like he's a magnet to me. Since then I can't stop thinking of him, like I've been brainwashed to not want anyone else. I went crazy when I didn't see him for a long time, but meeting his sister during that period of absence calmed me down since she resembles him a lot, though I still wanted him. I'm surprised that I'm even aware of this spell. Wouldn't be surprised if he proposes to me anytime now, we've known each other for 6 years already."

Kotomi sounded as though she had told some lies: she knows the truth behind the siblings Nanami just mentioned.

The two girls talked among each other what they had went through while the grandmother prepares dinner.

"Although I'm older than you, you are technically my aunt, since your grandmother is my great-grandmother. I was puzzled at this fact at first when I checked the family tree."

"No way! Really? I didn't know this!"

"It's true. I don't know what my eldest son and his son were thinking: marrying and having children so early. At least my other sons and daughters aren't like that. Anyway, dinner's ready."

It looks like Nanami's cousin could be staying here with grandmother for a while since she has a job in the capital. Nanami now feels that she has her family back again and is no longer by herself.

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