Disorientated Feelings (Part 22)

I know I had went back to Japan just to attend a funeral of a family of relatives, but Mamiko showing up to pick me up from the airport was really unexpected. The shocker is that she revealed that her mind is the original Itsuki from before the dimensional change. The current Itsuki is what would have happened if that event never took place, but he recognizes Mamiko as the original owner who was forced out.

What I'm puzzled about the most is the place where had she kept the luggage I had brought along back then. I left them with Mamiko, but I don't see her carrying it and it mysteriously reappeared when I needed something from it. Also, where did she acquire such huge amounts of money she gave to Nanami (the only living family member mentioned earlier)? That is an amount that only my uncle, Kenjiro, would be able to earn at his current job (without including expenses for family and taxes) in a few short months. I hope she didn't rob a bank or something. I'll ask her more questions when I arrive back after my university graduation quite soon.

After a long flight, I finally landed in California. The roommate who sent me to the airport earlier is here again to pick me up back to the dormitory in Palo Alto somewhere. I still don't know where exactly, since I only know it as, "this way, turn right here, head in that direction, the building over there, interstate 280, that restaurant, " and so on. I don't know how great my university is, but people are saying that it's one of the best in the word. It's like, "Really?" when I heard that. I've also heard that the headquarters of some of the largest, well known companies in the world are just across the nearby Bayshore Freeway where my university is located. It's that close?

I don't know what to think about it, they said that I could choose to attend or not to attend the graduation ceremony and if I do, If I choose to attend, the graduation gown should be rented. In both cases, I will be receiving the certificate, testimony, and whatever else. Wait, I have to pay for the gown? I can't bring it back as a memento? What is this? Money minded people... At least there's someone outside my immediate family willing to pay for my expenses.

On the days leading to the graduation ceremony, lessons that seemed to have lasted forever has finally ended. I see people talking to each other more frequently, including my juniors. Without any lectures, practical, lessons and tests left, I felt that something is missing since we spent most of the time studying and researching. We would dread writing that several-thousand-word reports (in English) they frequently gave us. The stuff I do with my friends here. The beautiful scenery here.

Come to think on that last bit, reduced stress over work and more free time makes me appreciate how beautiful the place is with all the old buildings here. It's a shame some were destroyed in an earthquake that is, surprisingly, about 104 years ago.

International students (including myself) can't really stay in the United States after graduation for long, unless they are married to a local or already secured a job here, due to those tough immigration laws. I got in here on a study visa that is about to expire. Well, I don't plan to stay here anyway.

Before I head home, I should join my friends for my graduation trip and buy stuff for my friends and family before heading home. Who knows when I would be back here. Oh, I should also invite my friends to visit me back home: they seem to have an interest on visiting my country.


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