Alternate Dimension (Part 68)

Yuko used her computer to access some complex software, that's only accessible to Hatsuya staff, that could analyze any motion of every single object in the whole galaxy from who knows when to now, so this could be used to check what happened to Takagi's friend. Finding someone whose details are mostly unknown and has not been seen for a long time is not easy.

Me: "So, have you found out about anything?"

There was a delay in response as Yuko continued using the computer for a while before talking to me.

Yuko: "There's too much noise for me to tell what I'm even looking at and... hold on. Something's not right... he seemed to have physically disappeared even earlier than when he was last heard of. How could that be possible? He answered all phone calls and email to him after it happened. Even his rent was paid monthly too, right until the months leading to police came knocking on his door for not renewing his visa and having no records of him leaving the country. They managed to open the door by obtaining the key from the landlord."

Me: "It sounds like someone else might be pretending to be him, or a ghost of him doing it, which might explain why things in his apartment seemed to have been abandoned for longer than when he was thought to be missing, but how did Takagi's friend disappear into thin air?"

Yuko seemed to be thinking hard, as though she had never thought about that idea until I mentioned it. Did she had an idea?

Yuko: "This software only shows what happened, not why it happened or what was on people's minds. It is possible to do so using the cause and effect theory, but there are so many possibilities. I'll take over the task of finding him and let you know if I discovered something new or need your help. Of course, feel free to continue investigating on your own."

Me: "Just so you know, the apartment he stayed at has an option of deducting the utility and rental fees automatically from his bank account or any other option that doesn't require to show his face while paying. Is there anything else?"

Yuko: "Well, since you asked, I'm allowing you access to this software, but only to create a high-resolution digital photo or video whereby the original only exists as a film, painting, drawing, or a horribly recorded video. If it's from an era where cameras don't even exist, or based on a novel that is only exist in text, it would generate video as it actually happened or what the writer had in mind. The result would look as though an image from the past was taken with today's image-capturing technology in a professional manner."

That's not helpful, though I am curious what blur black-and-white only films from a century ago would turn out to be.

Dad: "I'm home! The flight has been delayed for quite a long time. Feeling tired. Anyway, dear, did our son say anything about his girlfriend and their..."

Dad's reaching home seem quite sudden as we though he was still overseas and not hear him opening the door. Mom had the TV to loud enough to drown out the sounds that would have otherwise let us know that dad is arriving. This is the first time dad has come home after heading back to work overseas not long before Yuko/Itsuki was posted to the Mizuho branch.

Dad look puzzled as to who was this unknown lady in the house that was seen talking to me just a while ago. At the same time he spotted mom, who is closer to him, and asked her. Dad is very obviously distracted by Yuko's appearance. Yuko herself looked down, shaking her head, along with the palm of one of her hands at the forehead, as though something she didn't want to happen, but never thought of before, has happened.

Dad: "Dear, is that woman over there a guest? She looks a lot like Saeko."

Dad looked as though he's quite attracted to Yuko's appearance. The Mizuho uniform is intentionally designed to attract men.

Mom: "No dear, that's our son, Itsuki. The people at his workplace... Dear?! What are you doing?!"

Yuko looked as though she's trying to attract dad romantically, and dad looking as though he's falling in love with Yuko.

Mom: "Yuko? Dear? What are you two doing?! You two are not boyfriends and girlfriends, you two are father and son!! What are you two doing to each other?!"

Seems that mom's shouting fell on deaf ears as dad seemed to mindlessly "rape" Yuko. Yuko herself looked as though she has "deeply fallen in love" with dad. I can understand falling in love, but this between family members! And it's being done in front of me and mom! Yuko looked like she's enjoying it, but tears are flowing out of her eyes at the same time as the two kissed each other and dad grabbing both of Yuko's breasts. Mom was in deep shock and looked away. It's bad enough for a father to rape their female child, but with the latter being originally a male and having working female reproductive system, and being and adult and the one who started it, is a big loss of words. Sadly, laws are structured in such a way that in the case of a rape, the men always loses.

As mom looked away, I saw Yuko trying to make dad carry her, but Yuko's own skirt prevented her from locking her legs around dad as the skirt seemed to have its own laws of physics and disallows her knees from being more than 10cm apart, making it impossible. Because of the failed action, their actions seem to be stuck in a loop. It's strange that the Mizuho uniform makes the wearer feel strongly aroused but, at the same time, can't do anything about it. It puzzles me how people of Mizuho could perform well with this lingering feeling or anyone outside not know anything about this strangeness.

To the males that see them, the wearer's beauty and behavior are strong enough to be attracted to, ignoring any blood relation the two may already have. Unless either one stare at the other for too long, that usually doesn't happen as a preventive measure of them going go crazy just by seeing a male on the public transport outside school. The Mizuho girl would automatically fall in love with the man they were stared by for too long, even if the girl herself never saw the man looking at her, unless either one of them is in a group (being separated is not counted) or already has someone else. Seems that Yuko being stared at by dad for too long is the reason behind what I'm seeing now. Since Yuko is one of the top-level people of Mizuho, she's able to think about what the uniform she's wearing is making her do, but still has no control of it.

Yuko: "Saeko... please help me..."

I don't think Yuko wanted to say that in a seductive tone with tears flowing out of her eyes at the same time. I pulled dad away and while preventing Yuko from getting near him (she seemed really attached to him), with the help of mom and make them look away from each other. Yuko was struggling when mom held her. It took a while before they turned back to normal, though dad had the look of being very scared.

Yuko: "I... I'm sorry dad!"

Yuko walked out of the room and up the stairs. She looked as though she is trying to run, but the skirt made her unable to. There was no sound of a door being slammed heard.

Me: "Dad, don't worry. Itsuki's not angry because you touched the breasts, but rather, the confusing signals his mind receives. He is actually secretly liking it."

Dad: "That was Itsuki?! He looked and sounded completely female, and those breasts felt real."

Even dad, along with mom, seem to be able to tell the difference between me and Yuko.

Me: "Anyone who wears any Mizuho uniform turns everyone to have the same physical features based on me, which also means anyone who wears it would turn into a healthy 15-25 year-old woman both physically and mentally, but still retaining their memories. The founder of Mizuho is behind it, though Hatsuya Research provided the technology."

Dad was at a lost of words. The idea of a piece of seemingly normal clothing transforms the wearer is foreign to him.

Dad: "...what about Kotomi? Would he, er, she...?"

Me: "Don't worry. Itsuki would be able turn back when he manages to take it off. It's just that he wants to check what happens if he wears the newer uniform for a prolonged period of time without ever taking it off, which likely to last until Kotomi returns from America after graduating. He's aware of how much Kotomi likes him."

Kotomi has actually been cursed by something since birth to make her love forever with any guy that first falls onto her as a teenager, which happens to be Itsuki. No matter how much Kotomi hates him, she's strongly attracted to him and is unable to love anyone else. This means that Kotomi is strongly very unlikely to brake up. Itsuki doesn't mind because Kotomi herself is the kind of girl that any guy would like a lot, and he himself has trouble finding girlfriends to begin with.

Mom: "Looks like Itsuki is feeling stressed out right now. We should leave him alone for now, though, Saeko, I'm not sure if he needs you though."

Mom quickly turned her attention to dad.

Mom: "Oh sorry, dear. Were you hungry? I'm afraid your food is getting cold..."

Dad: "It's okay, as long as it could still be eaten."

Dad must be really hungry to say that. I quickly went upstairs and knock on the room Yuko is likely to be in.

Me: "Hello? It's me."

Yuko: "Oh thank goodness it's you. I don't know what to do if it was mom. The door isn't locked."

There was a tone of being in tears heard. I entered the room and saw Itsuki curling up on the bed, still in the Mizuho's supervisor uniform. I thought Yuko had changed out of it already.

Me: "Cut it out. I know you enjoyed it and not crying."

An awkward silence soon followed: Yuko stopped crying, but neither of us said anything.

Yuko: "Well, Mizuho campus is deprived of males, so a female seeing another female, multiplied by the Mizuho population, including guests, being 100% female that are beautiful, it only triggers a stronger desire to want males and unleashes when I come across someone I know well for quite a while, which sadly includes dad: he just happens to be the first male that I know quite well that I've seen in a long time. If I had control of myself, you wouldn't see me still curling up like this right now, staring at my own legs. You could say that I was acting, but on the other hand, my actions are based on what I know and what happened earlier, not what I wanted to do."

Me: "So you're saying that you intentionally make yourself be able to unconsciously be attracted to dad as part of your experiment?"

Yuko: "Yes, though being the one conducting the experiment and the test subject at the same time can make me confused as to what is going on, though I was ordered to do it by people higher than me, who somehow knew about my relation with Kotomi and her being away between the funeral of the Nanami family, and Kotomi's college graduation trip. It started when Hatsuya denied any experiments I wanted to do to you and instead backfire on myself. Oh, and did you know that the uniform absorbs any kind of energy it receives to be converted to electricity? Not just sunlight and wind, but also noise, water, and radiation. That energy is wirelessly transmitting power to the whole campus."

Yuko was still curled up as she said that.

Yuko: "As much as I liked Kotomi, I find my female appearance more attractive than her, but it's impossible to love myself, and Kotomi has been cursed to forever love my male self. Every time I look at myself in my female form, I keep asking why on earth do I go through all the crazy things, but my pay not increasing at all. I asked the director at headquarters, but refused to increase my pay. Surprisingly, he added that I do have unrestricted access to your money, which is quite a lot."

Oh no... Yuko has access to my money. No wonder I saw withdrawals I didn't make. Even then, the rate I'm receiving the money, is far quicker than it being spent.

•••• End of a chapter here ••••


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