Cause & Effect of the Touhoku Earthquake

This is probably something what the news agencies outside Japan might not show, and only the aftermath of it: a whole town being destroyed by a huge tidal wave, with people visibly still in the danger zone.

This, plus the damage from the earlier 9.0 magnitude earthquake, multiplied by the number of places similar to this, plus damage to Fukushima #1 Power Plant, you can certainly imagine how much damage and the cost of repairing them, and the people hurt. As of 9 April, there were 13219 deaths (yes, thirteen thousand), 4742 injured, and 14274 missing. The damaged Fukushima plant had a lot of radiation released into the atmosphere, though not as bad as Chernobyl in 1986. People living within the dangerous range (20-40km; numbers keep changing depending on the radiation level) are advised to evacuate or strictly stay indoors.

Missing persons: what does it mean? Well it's people who has not been discovered by authorities or people close to them. Their bodies could have been washed out to sea, dead, or are actually alive and probably went somewhere, not being aware that they themselves being one of the missing people. Among the ruins, cash stored in envelopes, safes, or anything that is neither in the bank, nor circulating, were found. The old people think that it's actually safer, based on the thinking of being cheated or something, but when it comes to natural disasters like this, money (and physical data storage devices) is certainly not safe.

It is true that the earthquake is felt elsewhere, but what what about other parts of Japan immediately after the quake? Tokyo in particular. Well, sorry to say this but...

...everything is normal. Shops are conserving electricity and operating shorter hours though.

The foreign news? Well, they are concentrating too much on the affected areas to say that the other areas are mostly not affected, not to mention how slow they are in reporting it. As for the people who think too much of radiated food, have you heard of natural radiation, or the current radiation levels in Tokyo is lower or the same as other cities in the world from before the nuclear plant explosion. People outside Japan are creating unnecessary fear based on lies, or untold facts? Shees. People are making quite a big fuss over things they don't understand.


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