Alternate Dimension (Part 95)

Now that I have Ako Matsumi from Yuribashi Middle School to join me for the experiment, I need another person to better understand the effects that may happen is unique or to everyone. This would have been a lot easier if I could use people that I know well, but that was messed up the last time I was there years ago when something that happened to them there that didn't happen here. They added that they recommended people born post-evolution as they do not have a known pre-evolution gender, and to see how they would react in a world of dual genders.

Now, who should I pick next? It's hard for me to pick a random person without knowing about their character, and that distracting beauty everyone has on top of that. Where should I begin?

Well, first of all, How do we know if someone had just been born? No one saw them being given birth, but the population is still steadily increasing despite scientists having no idea how we give birth with our evolved bodies, the person in question would not even be aware of how they existed, let alone...

Hold on. I noticed that there are a lot more of these "transfer students" than there were pre-evolution. In a cohort of school graduates, a significantly large number of them were "transfer students" in the three years of middle and high school course instead of being with the school since the beginning of year one. It might be too soon since evolution happened to talk about the possibility of high school students that were around since the beginning of year one that were "transfer students" in Middle school, but there are facts that this could be a sign that these "transfer students" were people who had just been born.

Just look at the facts: the number of transfer students per school per school year is just absurdly high compared to pre-evolution era. Middle and high schools used to have the same amount of students each, but one has the size reduced, and the other increased due to the change of student enrolment figures. Three years is certainly long enough for anyone born pre-evolution to be in high school now, so anyone in middle school now are clearly people born post-evolution, or those few reborn pre-evolution people who opted to study again. (It's still too early to know if any post-evolution person would be reborn, or anyone who already has to go through it again.)

The only logical conclusion from all of these is that these "transfer students" are likely to be those newly born people. The tricky part is, how would I be able to tell? Oh well, I guess I have to start somewhere...

You know what, I have never actually been to Kotomi's middle school before, but having known her for many years, I got to see what the uniform looks like, and the general idea of what the school buildings looked like from the outside. Maybe I could take a look at who would be my next person for the project over there. I should hang around there in the morning to see if there is anyone lost, as that is a sign of having just transferred in.


I have arrived at Kaisei Middle School in the morning, the school that Kotomi had attended, where the students there are strolling in. Apart from a change of signage and fixtures, it seems that little has changed from the photos from Kotomi's days here. Speaking of Kotomi, this school now seems to have a corner dedicated to her from having become the head of Hatsuya Research, and quotes that the school have became popular because of her. I wonder if Kotomi herself is aware of this? Too bad she has been reborn, and now looks different from the photos here.

Although today is a normal school day, it is one of the many random days off in the year for Mizuho students. I could take a leave of absence from school anytime, actually. It looks like Kaisei Middle School has changed uniforms from what I think used to be a sailor uniform to the current blazer uniform. (Males wore Gakuran in case you were wondering.) I don't know when this happened, but it does look like a simple change of colour scheme from the Yuribashi uniform, with thighs not being a requirement, and the use of necktie instead of ribbons.

The guard post is relatively poorly maintained and empty: appears to be more of a place for whoever is keeping an eye on the students to stand in every morning than where a guard would be stationed at, or as a relief place for people who get caught in the rain. Some schools have removed the guard post, and newer ones not having this at all. These days, security for places like schools and offices were deemed unnecessary as crime in general has fallen from pre-existing low levels to a bit short of non-existant. People in general these days are unable to get though due to the forced fememine and compansonate behaviour onto everyone as part of the evolution that would have them to worry about the consequences, and unable to intimidate others or use of force, which itself is a concept that post-evolution people would not understand as they don't know of behaviour outside of how everyone is behaving.

I certainly stand out from the large group of Kaisei students with my Mizuho uniform as they are looking at me. I wish I could wear something that would blend in with them, but my clothes are impossible to change out of, or have something else worn over it. Oh well. Maybe I should take a peak at the staff office, where new students would report to on their first day. It would be harder if I were to wait till later, especially if they aren't being brought around to introduce to the school facilities.

Fortunately for me, I have a device where people would simply not notice my presence, which was developed because I could easily be recognized in public. I don't know if I turned invisible or not, but it does seem confuse the people who saw me at the time I activated it. I mean, if you keep your eyes fixed on someone you know was there to suddenly be unable to notice, you would be puzzled and scared. However, those who looked in my direction after the device has been activated would not notice me. Strangely enough, they do not notice me opening doors unless it physically affects them, like them leaning on the door as I opened it towards me on the other side, or other things like hugging.

I have my tools ready, but what is my next move?


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