Alternate Dimension (Part 94)

She said that I could grab any random girl I see and do whatever I like to her, but what does that mean?

Well, each student of this school has no family. The evolution has meant that as a replacement for each girl who had died, or to create a completely new entity, would simply be an independent individual that seemed to have spawned like a NPC (non-playable character) in a video game. Explaining what a family is to them is next to impossible because of how humans have been changed completely. They would also be confused when they encounter aggressive behaviour by pre-evolution people when they do it via an interface (eg. driving cars, controlling video game characters) while not appearing so in person. Think of it as like a split personalty from not being able to express what they truly feel, a feeling that post-evolution people could hardly imagine.

I saw a girl who wears the Yuribashi Middle School (ゆりばし中学) uniform, the same school that Naomi Fujibayashi attended. It is one of those schools that exists to accommodate the rapidly rising amount of schoolgirls that appeared out of nowhere. Although people say it's a pre-evolution school, it was founded in the earliest stages of the transitioning period, where, apart from noticing something being wrong with the demographics statistics, nobody was aware of the changes going on. I believe it isn't an elite school, or else I would have heard it mentioned a lot at events with Mizuho Academy. If so, the uniform seem to strangely have that elite look for a normal school.

I liked the Yuribashi uniform because of its attractive design, particularly the brown pantyhose that is part of the uniform, along with the dark coloured theme of the whole outfit. I have a set of that uniform myself in one of my wardrobes, along with others. Well, "attractive" is somewhat a meaningless word these days since there are no men to attract, but it is one of the components that these feminine clothes we are forced to wear must feature or else we can't wear it at all, even at the risk of safety. At least the good part is that we don't feel anything on seeing another girl's attractive features. The design as not changed since before the evolution, though slightly conservative in design when compared to Mizuho's uniform.

Although not mandated by law, it is somewhat easy to tell apart a worker who works for one company and one who works for another because, as a result of the clothes being so troublesome to change, they introduce their own set of uniforms. Regardless if they are a supervisor in an office or a mechanic in a vehicle workshop, they wear what usually appears to be more suited for the office. It looks strange for people in labour intensive jobs to wear an outfit, but there is nothing else they can wear that won't get rejected on wearing.

So anyway, what do I do with this girl exactly? It's hard for me to think with her appearance alone, but that is practically how anyone looks today.

Me: "Hey you, the girl in the Yuribashi uniform over there."

The girl seem to have heard that, but caught her off-guard. She appears to be aware that I was calling her as she appear to be looking around in all directions except towards me. What is with her?

Me: "Yes, you. The girl who is turning her head everywhere except at me."

The girl turned towards me as if she is in trouble. Without saying a word she stared at my face for a while, before looking at the rest of my body for a seemingly long time. What is she staring at? Judging by how she was looking, she could be examining what I'm wearing, but I am uncomfortable that she is staring around my breasts the longest. Why is she so interested about them? She has the same thing herself... wait, hers does seem smaller than mine which, in her case, is considered about the average size.

Girl: "You are the CEO of Powell, Miss Hisakawa aren't you? W-what do you want form me? How are you wearing the rare Mizuho Middle school uniform? No one but actual students from there could wear it, and it doesn't look fake."

So this girl wasn't staring at my breasts, but rather my name tag around there that is part of the Mizuho uniform I'm wearing. It is known fact that it is not possible to wear the wrong Mizuho uniform since it auto corrects on wearing them. She mentioned "rare" because the middle school department is far fewer than the average middle school that you hardly see it, even within the academy itself. It used to be larger, but there are just too few students because everyone born today are usually of high school age or older. The middle school students of today are made up of the small minority who were born of the age or the older people who had been re-transformed within the past few years, and Mizuho's intake for that is quite small compared to other schools. The fact that she knows that I am the most important person to one of the largest companies today, and seeing what I'm wearing, has her confused.

Me: "It's a long story, but let's just say that... I never attended Mizuho as a middle school student before."

That wasn't a lie, but that's not what I wanted to say. I wanted to say that the Hatsuya Research forced me. In this day and age, it's considered normal for people who had just become young again to attend school again, though availability of places prioritises the newly born.

Voice in my head: "And have her raise questions on why you, as the CEO of Powell are working for Hatsuya, a rival company? There is no official partnership between us and Powell."

There was an abrupt pause. This pause was long enough for the girl with me to continue her conversation.

Girl: "Oh, right. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Ako Matsumi (松実アコ). So what did you call me for?"

Voice in my head: "Sorry about that pause. A college told me that you are on a mission to target any two girls at random for an official experiment... Are you picking this girl you are looking at now? Although picking these post-evolution people are easy targets since they are so trusting and have no family, they are the big unknown in terms of how the experiments will turn out. Our dimension is the only one where everyone have become a completely new and only gender that even we don't understand. We don't know how we reproduce ourselves without men or our body functioning differently from a female, but we know it's going on as our population actually increased during the four years since the evolution happened. What we have become seem to have been a wish of someone with a fetish for young women who were nothing but school and office uniforms with skirts that doesn't even cover the knees. I personally don't like how short they are, but we can't wear anything else. Even more strange is, from the view of how things were, how are we only be biologically of a very specific age range regardless of actual age, or the newborns to already have the academic knowledge of the age their biological bodies are at? Well, if you pick her, you would have to choose another person too."

Ako: "Hello? Your face seems as if someone else and me were talking to you at the same time."

How could she tell?

Voice in my head: "I didn't know post-evolution people are these smart, or is it her specifically?"

Me: "Oh, sorry. I kind of lost my focus there. You said that you are Matsumi, right?"

The girl had "I knew it" written all over her face.

Me: "Well, I am currently working on a project with a few people, but I need someone besides them and, I was thinking if you would like to be a part of it."

Ako: "Okay then... sure. If you say so."

She seem to have reluctantly agreed to follow me without any resistance or me explaining what is going on. Do these people actually trust strangers too easily?

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