new batch of images arrived and list of ugly ones put up earlier

It's hard to tell what I'm writing on the table if what I'm seeing is of myself from my bottom right. Somehow, when I try to look to my right, I can only see my eyes moving to the left with my vision unchanged.

The images you see at the top of posts you see here seen here since 10 April had kind of run out until now. Actually, I still have a lot of images, but they are deemed unsuitable or too large to be put up here. There are a few images that I would normally put up, but majority are crappy as I couldn't find a nice image to put up.

Here's a list of crappy images but are put up because I couldn't find better ones at that time:
  • 7 May: There's nothing particularly interesting in this picture. The background is terrible. There are old people in the picture.
  • 2 May: You might have seen this in the news not too long ago. The colours are terrible. There are too many things in the background.
  • 30 April: I normally don't put up images with vehicles in the foreground. Comparing to the buses I see these days, this bus is like a piece of crap. (9 & 12 April too)
  • 26 April: A screen cap. As a result, it doesn't look nice for a still and the colours are washed. The source image for a demonstration on which ASCII art video renderer is better posted earlier on the same day. (8 & 13 April too)
  • 23 April: There is a watermark at the bottom right. It's designed for a CD jewel case, so the one you see here is a scan. The characters are from an anime that I don't like, though the OP and ED songs are not bad. (19 April is okay)
  • 18 April: It a candid shot that people pose at. I prefer more natural looking ones like "A splashes the fountain water at B when C takes a picture of that at some distance without A or B knowing"
  • 11 April: Enlarged thumbnail (159x114) of this image, so therefore it appears pixelated.
  • 3 April: The image at the bottom is okay, but the one at the top is from wikipedia explaining the differences of the elements in the image.
Anyways, since I have found better images, I shall be changing the background image. As at time of this post, it's a screenshot from a PS3 Action game, which might explain the realism of the image. The one I will be putting up should be larger than 1024x768 but less than 1.5MB with the majority if the colours being dark (eg. sunset).


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