430th post: Problems when cleaning up

I'm cleaning up my bedroom as I'm typing this. There are so many things in my room filling up every corner and even more scattered all over the house.

Since I could somehow find something to do, the time when I would actually have absolutely nothing to do seems hard to come by. I could also be distracted or very busy when the mood does actually comes. This mood also seems to come when it's time to sleep, so I'm stuck between heading to bed or do some cleaning. I would normally go ahead with the former option, so there's very little cleaning done.

Hate to admit it but I do eat and drink in my bedroom. Not only snacks, but also lunch and dinner from time to time with all that stomach-full amount of food. It's a wonder why I have yet to see any flies or ants around at all. I do throw food wrappers and drink cans/cartons/bottles away, but this somehow does not apply to wrappers of the things I bought and stuff that I know are of no use with signs of the passage of time visible. I never clear them unless they are quite obvious or do those rare full clean-up of my room. Not an ideal place to study.

Just how small is my room? Let's put it this way: Placing the bed mattress against one side of the wall and an office chair in front of it would mean that I would need to go over (or under) just to get across as both ends are already touching both ends of the wall. The remaining space is to the left and right of it. Need to rearrange everything to maximize the space and, oh, get rid of the useless junk too. I also plan to paint the walls too, but I'm not sure about that part and I don't know what colour to use. It has been the same boring white walls that has not been painted since I just entered primary school.

I know I mentioned something similar more than a month ago, but the truth is that I had not done anything since then. I only had ~30 hours per week (including sleeping and eating) at home, had done everything else, that the mood didn't come around.

Oh, when the mood does come, I would also probably come across something that I problem deciding on keeping or throwing them away. These are mostly textbooks from more than 5 years ago.

(I'm also having a writer's block.)


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