613rd post: How important English is while travelling?

There are many languages spoken around the world. However, if you are travelling around the world,  English is the most language to learn if you avoid the situation of finding yourself unable to communicate with others, or, worse, face a dangerous situation, but you don't understand the important instructions that are being given.

So, here are a list of languages that are spoken in random countries. Not saying the names, but you could probably tell from the languages spoken. (Note: This is not the list of official languages. More of languages visitors would come across there from the most frequent. If not listed, it may appear, but hardly come across any.)

  1. English, French
  2. English, French, Spanish
  3. Portuguese, Spanish
  4. Spanish
  5. German, French, Italian
  6. Hindi, English, Tamil
  7. Malay, Chinese, English
  8. Arabic, English
  9. English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil
  10. Korean, Chinese, English
  11. Chinese, English
  12. Chinese, Portuguese
  13. Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
  14. Thai, English, Malay, Burmese, Vietnamese

Notice that they all have English in there, but, unless neighboring with one that do, the other languages aren't spoken at other countries. You may also notice other languages appearing more than once, sometimes at places where English isn't spoken. Sometimes, even if English is listed above, that doesn't mean that the locals would know it, which means that you should lean the language they could understand.

The point here is, if, for example, you are from Latin America and want to travel the world, learn English if you want to travel around the world and save yourself from learning multiple different languages of different countries, or avoid the situation where people don't understand you, and be able to use that same language at an another part of the world.


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