Disorientated Feelings (Part 50)

(Last modified: 4 August 2012)

Me: "I just told you earlier that I am ranked higher than you, worked with the same company, and had been there before. Maybe it's because I am also your spouse, or a niece of the director, or a close friend of Saeko, that I could see it. Possibly a combination of factors too."

I honestly did not know that I had just seen what only highly-ranked people could see. However, the video I just recorded proved that I can't prove or talk about it to anyone except those who already knew.

Me: "Anyway, what was that you just did that normal people are not supposed to be able to see?"

Itsuki: "To tell you the truth, nobody I know of could control that from happening. Even the high-ranking people of Mizuho are not excluded from feeling this too. Out of curiosity, what did you find yourself wearing while in there, or a general description at least? However I need you to be very specific with the colours."

As my uniform stood out a lot from everyone else, how could I forget that?

Me: "Well, I'm not familiar with the various versions, but I don't see anyone else wearing the same thing as what I found myself wearing on is very different. It has Hatsuya's logo instead of Mizuho's. Uses a blazer that has the colour of somewhere between black and blue, but more towards black and has double white outlines at the edges. My name tag was in shining gold. The skirt was just plain maroon, but the tie alternates between maroon and navy blue."

Itsuki though about it for a while. Come to think of it, Itsuki is wearing exactly what I had just described, but with the skirt using additional colours from the other parts of the uniform, and forming a pattern with those colours. The name tag and company logo is missing too. It looks more like a blazer school uniform than an office attire.

Itsuki: "Oh, this outfit I'm wearing now? It's the 4th generation of the Mizuho uniform designed specifically for Hatsuya employees, with the skirt pattern you see me in now is for branch managers only. Supervisors of other branches would have different designs and colours assigned to them, but the skirt pattern is the same as me. Better than that same black outfit and get alienated with our own staff. Well, the skirt have to be this complex in design instead of plain one-colour used in previous generations in order to be able to identify department and rank since the rest of the uniform could be removed now. The blouse and the skirt are the only thing left that can't be removed. The latter was chosen because of its higher visibility than the other. This design is not new, though."

I never saw anyone who worked there. Itsuki and Saeko wore supervisor and high school/college student uniforms respectively instead, so maybe that is why it seemed new to me.

Mizuho has, among other things, been known for having very good looking uniforms that matches the pretty girls who wears them, and even more so because it abandoned the conservative look that had been used for decades earlier. (1st and 2nd generation) This happened in an era where many other schools have already changed from the sailor uniforms and the old Mizuho uniforms being among the top reasons why students who could pass the academy's difficult entrance test did not enrol into Mizuho. This was discussed among students for quite a while, but the barrier that is preventing the change from happening are the school staff who wanted to "preserve the tradition", who also did not bring this matter up to the school founder. According to the founder himself, such tradition does not exist and it seem like it for the staff because it has been that way for too long. The founder wanted to change this perception before he dies.

The change wouldn't have happened if the school founder noticed that a student they want to admit (Saeko) by recommendation from its affiliate company, wasn't able to wear the uniform skirt due to its length. He took the suggestion of the design of the existing uniform back then not attracting more students quite seriously. What were the lengths? For the 1st and 2nd generation, it was about around between the feet and knees. For the 3rd generation, it was a few inches above the knees. That is quite a lot of difference.

By the way, since the population is now predominantly female, the skirt length has become shorter with the 4th generation that you could barely see it when a winter coat is worn. People who feel cold actually wear thicker layers of stockings with skirt over it instead of pants, to make sure that the shape of their legs remains visible. I don't know who they are trying to impress as males are seemingly becoming endangered, but that's the way fashion has become today and I don't like it.

Other feedback included everyone of all the academy's departments wearing the same uniform and hard to tell one apart. The new designs may be just a bit better than the other schools, but the fact that it was a huge change from the previous version that has been used for many decades itself is enough to be a huge news to everyone.

It's hard to tell if there were any objections as those are likely to be muted down.

Me: "So... do you like it?"

Itsuki: "In terms of how good it make me look as a girl, very much that I don't want to wear anything else..."

Awkward silence followed. Itsuki is a guy, but the Mizuho uniform, which is mandatory at the academy where he works at, biologically turned him into a female complete with functional (but blocked) female reproductive organs that replaced the male ones. Itsuki seeing himself very much like an attractive girl instead of a man made him confused about himself, even more so with the change of senses he feel from his feminised body. It even made me, as his wife, feel uneasy too.

The 2nd generation may look identical with the 1st, but on closer look, you would notice that the official male uniform looks exactly identical to the female version. This is because Mizuho is still a co-ed school despite having "Girls" in the name. It seem that word, to them, means that everyone would be turned into girls, instead of only allowing girls in. Why? Nobody knows, except perhaps a hint from a rumour that existing male students during the move from the old campus were still retained at the new campus (where Mizuho became a "girls-only" campus) instead of being transferred out.

Itsuki: "Anyway, was what you found yourself wearing back then looked more like a school uniform, or an office attire?"

Me: "Office attire."

Itsuki: "Colour tells me that it recognizes you as a Hatsuya employee instead of as a regular visitor, but the type of uniform also says that you do not work at the company's local branch. However, the golden name tag you mentioned says that your rank is higher than the one in charge of the Mizuho branch or it would have been silver instead. Of course, this is slightly different with the 4th generation. The allocated design for everyone would be the same as normal staff, but the skirt pattern would be different depending on the rank. The same applies for other departments and companies located in Mizuho, but in different colours. No change of design for visitors. You may wish to take note of this the next time you head here."

Me: "I think you are going off topic from what I wanted you to tell me for the second time."

Itsuki: "I'm trying to, but Mizuho is making me at a sub-concious level to not think about it. Your position as my superior, having been to Mizuho, but not working there, and knowing people who works and studies there, makes the filtering system confused on what you are authorized to know that regular people aren't allowed."

Mizuho protecting its secrets being protective to this degree tells me that they are hiding a lot of things. Possibly controversial. I feel nervous about my 7-year-old son attending middle school in that kind of academy with these things.


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