Disorientated Feelings (Part 49)

I don't like the idea of my son being sent to Mizuho because of its dark secrets it has that I know of. It being a subsidiary of the company I work for doesn't exactly ease my mind either. I searched for alternatives, but I am very concerned about how others would treat him because of his age. No luck so far. At least, not without waiting for my son to get older.

Without an alternative besides my son remaining in primary school, he got enrolled into Mizuho. True enough, my 7-year-old son got transformed into a 15-year-old girl: anyone who is not between 15 and 30 would become of an age closer to the outer limits of the age group. Anyone who is 15 or older before wearing the uniform would have their biological age frozen to at the time they wear it, and resume from that point upon removing it (if they could that is). Which means if someone who is 16 years old wearing it for 3 years, and not wear it for an another year, that would make her biologically only 17 even though her actual age is 20. For those younger than 15, they would become like 15 year old (because they are outside the age group mentioned earlier), but their original biological age is not frozen while still wearing it (until they biologically turn 15) and their body growth would exactly be what it's like as if they never wore the uniform. Intellengence-wise, a 3 year old wearing it would think and behave like a 15 year old, but becomes like a 3 year old (or whatever age he is at that time) on removing it. However, they can remember what they learnt when transformed and vice versa.

The changes to the uniform since Saeko's time is relatively minor compared to the one before that. The most significant change is that the entire uniform could be taken off, with the exception being the blouse and skirt, which obviously mean anything worn underneath those can't be removed too as they can't be reached. All non-student clothing has been changed to look like the student version, but still retain the same colour scheme. The ribbon, which is part of the blouse, could be made very loose, but can't be taken off or be hidden from the front unless another (approved) ribbon is worn or the condition to be able to remove the whole uniform is met. Among what could be removed, they could now wear any variation of the uniform colour they like, including ones that were previously designed for a different department. However, Mizuho personnel of different departments and positions could still be identified by the skirt they wear, especially since it's the only piece of clothing that can't be removed that is still visible with the other clothes on.

People have been making imitations of the uniform that, obviously, unlike the real thing, it does not contain the hidden technology embedded in it, but does look quite similar to the real one, which can be misleading to students that are about to enter. Due to Mizuho's system of changing people on entering the campus, these fake uniforms would become the real one, although of a design that isn't a school uniform. If detected that a student is wearing a fake uniform of the school department she actually studies at, or unknowingly wearing the wrong one, the academy will force the amount that has been cheated from the seller of the uniform to the student. At the same time, redo the uniform into the real thing. Otherwise, the money transfer doesn't happen. In other words, nobody is able to wear the wrong uniform even if someone attempted to do so. The only exceptions are all the previous generations of the Mizuho uniform except the first, but unless with prior notice that an old uniform is being worn in the campus or before entering, that old uniform would automatically be turned into the respective version of the current generation. It's strange that the 2nd generation uniform is allowed, but not the 1st as they are visually similar. The only thing I know was that it was introduced when Mizuho High moved to the current campus many years ago and, being a co-ed school moving to a girl-only academy, the male version being excluded.

It feels kind of strange to see a son who is supposed to be in grade 2 as a boy to be as a teenage high school girl attending middle school. He even looks much older than his older sister, who is in grade 5 now, and seem to have naturally adopted the behavior and thinking typical of... what he has been turned into. As his mother, apart from the resemblance to me and my husband, it feels like he is someone else's child.

2nd child: "Wow, I can't believe I became an older girl just by wearing this. Even my way of thinking is completely different now. Was I really a 7 year old boy just a moment ago? It feels like I have always been a girl and now seeking for a boyfriend... What am I saying? Mom? What are you doing? You're tickling me."

No matter how I try to look at my son, he looks like a girl that is twice his actual age.

Me: "It's nothing. Just checking out how did they manage to do this with a seemingly ordinary clothing. Do you feel any different?"

2nd child: "Apart from me being bigger now, my body feels very different now. Am I all right?"

Being young and brought up in a female-only family, my son doesn't seem to have noticed that he has biologically became a girl. He probably thinks it's part of growing older. I don't want to mention that to my son.

Me: "Yes, you will be fine. It's part of becoming older. I feel the same thing with my body as what you feel with yours all the time."

Now nobody will bully him for behaving like a girl, because he's really is a girl now. I honestly don't know why it's okay for a girl to behave like a boy, but it's not okay the other way. Same applies to other similar things.

At that moment, my husband came in without any prior warning. As he normally does these days, he always wears the Mizuho uniform. Since the fourth generation was introduced, he dresses to look like a student, but can't hide the supervisor-only skirt he's wearing. Apart from looking older, it's hard for me to be able to tell him and Saeko apart. My husband seems to be holding something too.

Itsuki: "Oh, you are here too. I was wondering who our son was speaking to. Anyway, I want to test a few things out, and I have to warn you that it may cause involuntary actions. Let's see how people who have been to Mizuho as visitors only."

He pushed some buttons that made me feel strange. But I know lab experiments enough to know that my memory is being modified. Problem is that I can't remember what they made me forget, or know what new memory he added into me.

Itsuki: "Which university did you graduate from?"

Is this a trick question? My memory tells me that I had studied at Meiji University, but the fact he's even asking me this after having a strange feeling in my head tell me that this memory is likely to be false. How did he make it seem that I had actually studied there?

Me: "Meiji University? Although it's what I remember clearly, my instincts tells me that it's a fake memory."

Itsuki appeared slightly irritated when I mentioned that I am am aware that the memory is fake and some buttons again. I feel dizzy again. It's obvious that machine is doing things to my head, but how?

Itsuki: "Sorry, I didn't get that. Which university did you say?"

Me: "Waseda University..."

I could have sworn I just said a completely different name a while ago. Itsuki was smiling strangely when I said that. Why is he smiling strangely?

2nd child: "Dad... how did you make mom think she graduated from three different universities?"

If it weren't for my child saying that, I wouldn't have thought that the reason for Itsuki smiling strangely was that he had successfully made me say a different name and not have me suspect that my memory had been edited, which I probably did earlier.

Me: "Itsuki, stop modifying my memories. You could damage my brain you know. Don't forget that I am your superior at work. I overlooked this because I am your wife. Hey!"

Itsuki pressed the button again and made my head dizzy for the third time. I don't know what memory he added or removed, but it certainly seem that I can't recall what happened between Itsuki saying "have been to Mizuho as a visitor" and now. However, I am certain that my perspective of time didn't suddenly skip forward. Oh, the irritation of not knowing what I did, and even more so if I knew I had forgotten something.

Itsuki: "Check your things from college if you are unsure that I had restored your memories. I didn't modify those. Even you can't resist your memories being modified by me to the point you can't even tell your memory has been modified. Anyway, there's more, though since you aren't wearing the uniform, it is likely to have no effect on you."

Me: "Huh? It has already happened? Did you have me forget that it even happened? You can make me forget things, but I am intelligent enough to be able to detect that my memory has been modified externally."

Itsuki: "You may be a Hatsuya staff, but you aren't with the Mizuho department. Anyway, for the next experiment, make sure that the voice call and video camera are active because I may be physically impaired during the experiment to check those. Those are ordinary and unmodified recording devices. Anyway, here goes."

Itsuki went towards my son, but avoiding eye contact, before pressing that button. At that instant, he and my son had the look as if they were aroused. The three of us talked to each other, but with them having difficulty speaking properly and making random moaning sounds in the middle of it. At first, those two collapsed to the ground while trying to touch themselves, but kept failing as the clothes seemed glued to their body and unable to push the clothes aside. (I heard this is a safety feature that prevents the Mizuho girls from being raped by force, but can be irritating as they can't access their own body.) Then, as they caught sight of each other, they started doing things to each other that only couples would do, but with the physical limitations making it look strange. I feel uneasy witnessing this. The words you hear them saying as it happened seemed like a normal conversation, but not the voice saying those words. Very distracting if they said something serious while they are like that.

Before I realized, Itsuki's experiment has ended. While my husband was clearly aware of what had just happened, my son only remembered the conversation and nothing else, which was also reflected in the audio and video recording I just did: a seemingly normal (perhaps boring) conversation between the two of them talking normally. Completely different from what I witnessed while recording with no signs that it was edited. I don't get how that is possible, but it does explains one of the mysteries of how Mizuho secrets aren't revealed to the general public by accident.

Itsuki: "Looks like those test are working properly and collected some data. Although, I need to analyze it to get what happened in detail and make sense of what that means. It would have been better if they didn't force me to use myself as a test subject of my own experiments. I regretted making fun of Saeko years ago which lead me to this situation. Anyway, our son has..."

Me: "What was that you two just did in front of me?!"

Itsuki looked troubled.

Itsuki: "Er... You saw that instead of us just standing around?"

My husband seemed embarrassed and thought of what to say to me.


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