Alternate Dimension (Part 93)

The first day attending Mizuho's Middle School department has just ended. Due to high demand from other departments and the public, staying at the school's dormitory is discouraged to those born before the "evolution" and know someone related who is also born before that time,  or those who can reach the school within a short time with any transport. Of course, I have my own car, so I'm not staying there.

(The concept of family is relatively unknown and non-existent to those born after the evolution, and existing ones are being naturally degraded to something like a group of close friends among existing ones. Well, how exactly do you see a family if everyone in it are now young girls wearing mostly the same outfit behaving alike instead of men and women of various ages with distinct differences?)

Because of Mizuho's massive size and the lack of ground transportation infrastructure (apart from rail-based ones), getting to the car park where my car is parked, from my classroom, is like passing through several city districts. As you know, I'm also the founder and big boss of Powell Research, so I have places to rush to.

Since I'm also a Mizuho student, the skirt of the uniform I'm wearing allows me to run without restrictions. However, I see nobody running despite some of them being in a hurry and having no leg restrictions. Well, here I go. I know the way.

As soon I started running, it became apparent why they don't run: my breasts started jiggling around wildly and becomes increasingly irritating the quicker I try to run: they kept rubbing against my clothes, made more intense due to their size and weight. It's mind boggling how they don't fall off. (To be honest, I want them removed.)

Voice in my head: "The female body, which is practically all humans today, is primarily designed for reproduction, not for things that require courage or strength. Men can run easily because they are designed to be more suited for physical activities because they exist to protect females, and some disregard to their appearance."

I know that.

Voice in my head: "Really? You like your breasts to jiggle around uncomfortably? Your breast size has increased lately if you hadn't realized. I guess you have been a girl for too long to tell if your thinking has been influenced by your female body. It's still technically Mizuho size like before, but the basis of that included men, who have since become women since the last you were there, which means the average or median size has increased significantly."

Well? What do you want me to do? Even though it's irritating, it's not like I can take off my breasts because it's part of being a girl. I never wanted to be a girl, but I have been one for more than twice as long than when I was a boy. It happened unknowingly and irreversibly on top of that.

Voice in my head: *sigh* "I see what I can do on my end... Er..."
What is it? Doesn't sound like it's something good.

Voice in my head: "There's apparently nothing helpful I can do on my end, nor is there anything can I tell you to do on your end..."

Okay, I get it. I'm stuck with them. Is there anything that anyone wants from me? Sounds like she's refraining from saying something.

Voice in my head: "Well, there is a task for you to do. Our fellow colleagues of that dimension you were stuck at many years ago has told us that the evolution that has happened to us did not happen there. We would like to know if our bodies would change if we went there or get aroused at the sight of men. They would also like to analyse our bodies too, with our reproductive and body waste discharge systems are completely overhauled. They would also send over a volunteer to our dimension to see if they would be changed too. That is a big unknown since everyone when the evolution happened has changed, and anyone born since then is based on those changed people, so it's unknown if any male or female from another dimension would be changed too, or would change back upon returning. Especially when it comes to producing children."

Ah. A way to see if the spell of what changed us is still there since we are forever stuck like this and any offspring would be born with our altered genes that would magically have them be like teenagers at birth. Who can I bring along? Who would be coming here? I just entered this school, when will it happen?

Voice in my head: "Since Kotomi kind of got homesick easily the last she was there, and her counterpart died, I would not recommend her. It would be counter-productive if we send Itsuki too since she would most likely take over the Saeko there. We want to know what the Saeko of there was up to. You can bring anyone with you, but it must not be those two, who are, unfortunately, whom you are most familiar with. Someone from the other side would choose theirs on their end. As for the school, you don't have to worry: we own Mizuho, so we would excuse you from school when we need you.
But I'm not ready. I can't think of anyone besides the ones you told me that I can't bring along.
Voice in my head: "We can start when you have gathered your companions and the other end would send over when they are ready. Because of how this world works, you can ask any random stranger you encounter and they would follow you without objection: the kind of reaction similar to entering a cheat code in a game that forces an NPC not related to you to follow and obey as if they are. Although, to reduce confusion as to who you asked, it's better to ask your new classmates instead. Well, it's actually not forcing people, it's just that we were used to a world where some people were misbehaving that trust is not easy to come. Since no one here does, chances of people trusting others is quite high, particularly those born after the evolution."

The voice was talking about the first year the transformations started where all elderly people, criminals, sportsmen, and people who would likely disapprove this transformation itself had turned into teenage girls that neither they nor everyone else remembers who they were previously. We only knew that they exist because people noticed the sharp increase of teenage girls and the complete disappearance of elderly people in the population census published in the year after it happened. (There was a delay because publishers noticed an impossible change of numbers over the previous year, but found no errors despite many attempts in error-checking.)

Now, who do I pick, and how many? Well, there are a few people for my class currently.

Voice in my head: "You don't have to be so picky. There's not much to choose from. Except you, all are born after the evolution, and have the same body measurements... You can do anything you like to them, if you know what I mean. Like all post-evolution born girls, they have no family and no fixed home, so you can invite them to stay at your home. And do whatever you like to them without them complaining."

What on earth is she trying to tell me?


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