new layout (10 April 2008) and image editing

This image is intentionally posted in a low resolution and enlarged afterwards.

I know I just mentioned about a new layout just 3-4 days earlier. If you were wondering what happened to it, I used it on my japanese anime blog (the english one still uses the older layout).

If you happen to visit my blog regularly, you may be thinking: "What? Again?". Well, since it's the school holidays (until this coming monday) and am stuck at home with nothing to do, I might as well do some mp3 info, HTML & image editing and organize the files on my PC(s) that on normal school days would not have the time/mood to do so.

Anyways this layout (as at 11 Apr) is based on "Harbour", one of the default blogger layouts. I have done some modification of the same layout earlier on another blog, but kind of abandon on it and replace it with one of the default layouts without editing as it got kind of messy and confusing with all over the blog. Of course, back then, I didn't know that I could move the images around. Anyways, I found out earlier today (10 Apr) that I can make a transparent (not white or black) background with the image on the far left of this post in Adobe photoshop (which I never use) after taking a long time to manually remove the background in MS Paint. Only my main PC has this program installed quite some time ago. The image you see in this post here is the version before the white background was removed in Photoshop. To make sure the transparent background is still there on the final version, I had to save it in PNG (SVG works fine too) and then open it in a vector program (I used Inkscape) and (re-)export it in the specified dimensions as PNG.

The "第(01-11)話" that are not replaced with another image you see are the areas that the "Harbor" layout used an image at, but haven't found/made a suitable image to replace it at it's location. (For your info the 第01話 to 第52話 was originally used for the anime episode numbering at the media box of my friendster profile. When they introduced support for Unicode/UTF-8, I switched to the text version. The image ones still appear on the older ones as the (thousands) viewing that profile (3 out of 5 in total) don't have support of CJK characters.)

It looks like I still have a lot of editing to do with this layout like making sure the background and font colour makes the text more readable and nice at the same time (the current one doesn't). All of my images are hosted at Picasa and Photobucket (though some are elsewhere like Wikipedia). Older images and those exceeding 1024*768 or 1MB are hosted at imageshack.


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