New layout (7 April 2008)

If you have all the correct things installed, you should see what you would see in the screenshot above in Apple Safari 3.1 @ 1280x800

For the fonts used on this blog it's "Optima LT Std Macron", which you have to download. If you watch Code Geass R2 (soft-)subbed by ggkthx, this would be one of the fonts used. The following are used. If more than one of the listed fonts are installed, the first available listed font will be used. Here they are: Optima LT Std Macron (mentioned earlier), Segoe UI (comes with Windows Vista), Myriad Pro (also used on various Apple ads), Osaka (Mac OS X font), Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet MS

PS. I am thinking of removing that scrolling title. It's annoying.

8 April 3:00AM edit:
Made changes such as changing the background and adjusting font size.


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