saving electricity + communication problems

One of the buses I was talking about in the previous post.

The electircity bill (which my parents pay) has been going up. it was less than 9000 cents some years ago. Now it's at 18000 cents. Well, oil prices per barrel in USD have increased like crazy and is more than double than compared to just 2 years ago, though the weaking USD could also contribute to the rising prices. It could have been higher if I turn on all of the lights at night and leave the radio and tv on the whole day. I should start turning off unnecessary things like unplugging the PC after turing it off and appliances that are never used for a long time, shower around mid-day without using the heater when possible.There is an old digital clock in my bedroom that runs AC/DC current with an unknown electrical consumption. LCD monitors uses lesser electricity than CRT or Plasma of the same size. I wonder how much of the electricity bill would be able to save... Oh, since the ceiling fan is faulty, you can't turn on without turning on the lights. If need the fan, use the stand fan (which is not effective), endure with the lights or remove the bulbs (the last option being too troublesome).

When it comes with communicating with people vocally, I would fail at it. To talk in a way that most people would consider normal, I would have to use up a lot of energy just talking. Otherwise, you would barely be able to hear me, let alone what I'm trying to say, with people having a ear towards me or a "huh?" reply. You don't hear me speaking much because I get more "huh?"s than people that had understood without repeating. I don't answer the phone for the same reason, especially when an unfamillar number (which happens most of the time) appears. I'm also not the kind of person that would come up with ideas or lead/teach others. Due to my appearence, people would come up to me (for something) and ask in Mandrin Chinese, which I don't understand. During my primary school days, I didn't even understand my own mother tongue language well and my parents made me read some language (which look like continous scriblly lines) which I can't even understand the basics that is used in some crappy book. I'm trying to learn Japanese (failed JLPT lv3 the last time by a narrow margin :P) but the progress is dismal, I know how to read names like 松田 (Matsuda), 上野 (Ueno), 山手 (Yamanote), 秋葉原 (Akihabara), 新宿 (Shinjuku), 長野 (Nagano), 大阪 (Osaka), 北海道 (Hokkaido), ドイツ (Destuchland/Germany), 韓国 (South Korea), words like 一つ (ひとつ;one), 止まれ (とまれ;stop), 出口 (でぐち;exit), 二人 (ふたり; 2 people, together (among 2 people)), 戻る (もどる; return), テレビ (てれび; television), 電車 (でんしゃ; train), 注意 (ちゅい; caution), and so on. I just found out recently that 地下鉄 (ちかてつ) means subway and 中止 (ちゅし) means to interupt (eg. loading of a webpage).

PS. the large pimple on my nose and chin "exploded" with a sticky liquid accompanied with a semi-solid white-ish thing and some kind of smell. Would you believe that old buses like the image at the top travels past prestigious hotels in the city area at a time when newer and nicer buses are also plying there?


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