Alternate Dimension (Part 39)

At the end of the day though, I seemed to be one of the first few to leave as no matter how late it ended. The club president and my seniors who are in the same year as him, seem to have some kind of meeting right after I left. I tried to listen what they were discussing about, but they would somehow know that I'm trying to listen in no matter how discreet and well hidden I am that they would refuse to start unless I am very far away from them. They even know my various means to try to watch their meeting. Their excuse while chasing me away? "Hisakawa-san has fans that follows her around. Those people following her intrude on the club's peace and privacy if she were to be around!" I don't mind them going away, but why me instead? Either way, my seniors seem to have a liking of me and made me the "guaranteed" club president from my second year onwards. What was their criteria for picking me over everyone else? This however, was only known among my seniors and me until the time I would take over the current. Since then, they would quietly add senpai after saying my name. Did they find out that I'm actually a year older than them (instead of two years younger), or are they praising me?

Back to present, I'm still in contact with my parents, but when it comes to Itsuki... Well, I don't know what to say to him on the phone: my parents had quietly gave the phone to him without warning.

Itsuki: "So... um... hi?"

I hate to hear my former voice as though it's someone else's, but I would have to live with it for a long time.

Me: "Have you heard anything new from Kotomi?"

Itsuki: "Oh, her first college semester has just started. You know, that Stand**** University in California. The campus is so huge that she has trouble getting around without looking at the map or asking someone for directions. She added that she has gotten along with her friends well too."

There was an abrupt silence. I'm supposed to say something to fill it in, but instead, I sobbed: I could have entered university for about half a year by now, but nooo! They made me repeat high school for the rest of my life regardless of how well I did. This is just because of that teleporting machine at Mihara Academy in the summer of 2005 that went wrong and the later
events resulting of it.

Itsuki: "Um, she did say that she still likes me the most among the people she has met and would be in 2010, about 3 years from now. Saeko?"

Me: "Why don't you care about what I feel? Every time you show up in my car right in front of my friends, you..."

I deliberately hung up the phone at that point. I hate you. I don't want to see or speak to you either.


I was having a peaceful sleep when I noticed that I was being poked all over. It felt real, and it didn't match the dream I had at all. What made me wake up was that I was mysteriously forced to blush very excessively to the point of being unbearable.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the words of my previous thoughts staring right in front of me as was leaning forwards against something. Even though I could still move, I can't get away from that spot or even lean back. I feared the worse: being on the machine that allows someone else to modify my memories or even how I behave. What's even worse is that I can't get away from it once I'm plugged in. How did I get on it anyway? Surely I can't have sleepwalked to here. Oh? There's someone else in here!

???: "Ah, I see that you are awake now. I was wondering what happened to you when you called yesterday."

That voice from behind sounds familiar. Where have's Itsuki! What is he doing here? How did he get in? Wasn't I the only one who could enter here? Wait! He can see what I am thinking right now!

Itsuki: "If you recall, you were a part of me and the only differences between us is our DNA strand that says what gender we are. I could get in here easily as the thumbprint and eye scanner thinks that I am you. As to what I'm doing here, I'm here just to collect infomation that
you have gathered for the past few years and doing other adjustments. You have been rebelling against me and the identical memories we share in common that are in you seem to be the root cause of it. Those angry notes you wrote to me the other day makes me want to do it more."

Like a pervert, he moved closer towards me with that creepy looking eyes. W-wait! What do you want from me? Aren't we like twins? Why would you want to attack your other half?

Me: "Information that I have gathered? Hold on! What are you... Gyaa!!!"

Itsuki: "I'm going to make you do what I want with no resistance. Ha ha ha!"

I'm afraid that this means I won't be myself: he might replace my current memories and put a fake one in it's place and not know that. Why on the morning of my birthday of all days?


The morning sun entered my eyes as I woke up from bed. Odd, I still know what Itsuki did to me a few hours ago, and I can still control myself. I thought he had tempered my memories to the point that I don't even know that it even happened. The machine I was on is missing now, which probably means he has taken it away.

(Author's note: Unknown to Itsuki, modification to Saeko's will is not allowed. Instead, it only modifies what she would behave and do in certain situations. On the outside, it would seem that she has been brainwashed, but if you were to read her mind, it would say the torture of doing what her body is forced to do, and might even be cursing the person who did it.)

Anyway, today is Saturday, September 29. Our 18th birthday. The birth certificate the director gave to me (for legal reasons) back in April, however, says that I was born on on the day I was cloned, with the year being 1992 instead of 1989 (original birth year) or 2005 (year cloned), making me 16. I was puzzled as to why people treated me like a VIP on that day.

After school, I stood against the school fence outside, as though waiting for someone. Why am I standing here? I can't get myself to continue walking. I saw Itsuki standing at a corner. What is he doing here?

Me: "Onii---chan!"

What am I doing?!! I feel like an idiot saying that, but those words automatically came out of my mouth as soon as I saw him. I ran towards him, jumped as I get closer, and grabbed a hold of him around the shoulder with my legs around his hips, all that while smiling happily. I would like him to get away from me as people are watching, but it's my body that's pressing against him and holding him tightly. Argh!!! This is mental torture! It's even worse than not being able to express my anger. Itskuki, why do you make me do this with a forced happy expression and voice? Is it for your own pleasure, seeing a part of you in a cute girl's body being happy towards you no matter what? Answer me!!!

Itsuki: "Saeko-chan! There you are! Umph!"

It seems that he did not notice my mind crying for help, or maybe he's pretending.

Itsuki: "Hey, you're no longer a kid and you have grown so big."

I know that! You don't need to tell me this!

Me: "I don't care big I have grown. I just want to hug my cool
onii-chan as much as I want."

No I don't, and I wasn't that cool-looking.

Itsuki: "Well, as long as you are happy, I don't mind. Let's take the train to downtown. It's my birthday today. Would you like to come along?"

I don't want to go with you. I just want to get as far away from you.

Me: "Your birthday? Sure, sure, I'll come with you."

Can't believe that I said that instead...

Chapter 9


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