Disorientated Feelings (Part 51)

It been a week since my son entered middle school, and it seems that he has already made some friends, which is surprising to me as he didn't have any before. What I'm even more worried is if he could cope as he's only seven years old, though him having friends kind of reduces my fear by a little bit. He never had any friends back in first year primary school or kindergarten, but yet could get friends in middle school first year like it's easy. Maybe I'm just too worried, but my son is my first child to be in middle school.

My son chose not to stay at the dorms there, except when there's something up that he stays late there, or be early for the following morning. My daughters told me that he sometimes bring his friends along, sometimes long enough to meet Saeko or my husband, but they are gone by the time I reach home.

Like my husband these days, I never saw my son changing out of that Mizuho uniform (though, for middle school this time). He doesn't even talk about it until I mentioned it. There aren't any spare uniforms sold or provided, and has been wearing it since the day before the entrance ceremony without ever changing out of it.

There's apparently no fastener or zip on the skirt, but I'm told they appear only when the conditions to be able to remove the uniform have been met, which, for my son, is when he graduates in his third year. This would not be happen if he continues to another Mizuho school, and the new school year is less than a month after he graduated from the previous school. That month is the buffer period for old friends to celebrate their graduation and not see some of their old friends as a male. However, the uniform of the old school can be overridden by the new one if their new school starts during that period, including that of non-Mizuho schools. If he, however, continue on to a non-Mizuho school, he has to either enter as a girl or wait for an entire year to be able to enter as a boy. A similar logic applies to students transferring out of Mizuho schools before reaching graduation, but if the house they move into to study at the new school is far or remote enough to not have friends from the old school to visit, the uniform could be removed only after leaving the old town and not have old friends to come along. Things could get complicated of they do.

The reason being that, at the time of registration, interview, and exam, he's still a Mizuho student, which also means that he's biologically a girl from wearing the Mizuho uniform, and the new school would be expecting him as that same girl, or the entrance test would be deemed invalid since the male self is seen as a different person who didn't take the test. Also, people's perception would be different if he attends as a girl for the first few weeks and suddenly as a boy the following week onwards, as opposed to staying as a boy or a girl without changing during the entire time at that school. Even "transfer students" get treated differently than if the entered as first year students on the first day.

If he choose to enter the non-Mizuho school and the school begins less than a month after graduating from a Mizuho school, he is allowed to remove the old uniform to wear the that of the new school and wear any clothes freely, but his body would remain as a girl of the age same as his peers until a month after he graduates from there too. This was stated (but at a section people would usually skip over) when they registered for any Mizuho school. Also, with Mizuho known for being a popular girls' academy, any males who had studied there, but chose not to remain as female after graduating, would have to use "Mihara Academy" (an institute owned by the same entity that also owns Mizuho) as the name of the school they graduated from. The disadvantage here is that Mizuho is seen as a more prestigious academy than Mihara, which translates to getting a high-paying job easily, or given highest priority over other applicants competing for the same job. On top of that, they are likely to have developed the female behavior from being biologically an adolescent girl during their time there long enough to be a part of their normal behavior, and the male ones undeveloped. This would have people see them as a girly man, but at this age where males are being turn into females by a separate phenomenon, nobody seemed to care. It would have been a great deal if that didn't happen though.

To be able to register and attend as a boy, he has to wait until a month after graduating. Since that would be April or May, he would have to wait for an entire year to be able to do so as entrance exams are in December, though, for college, they might be able to make it for the ones that start in July or September, which are are mostly overseas-based colleges. Kind of logical when you think about the reason behind it, but nobody wants to wait for a whole year just to progress from middle school to high school, or from high school to college. Although, even some candidates applying for a place for college do face difficulty and, for competitive courses, the qualifying score has to be adjusted relatively with the number of available places to the number of candidates, especially if the amount of the latter exceeds the former.

In Mizuho College department, this isn't a problem as they could use any available space in the campus if the main college area is full. That is why some college classes are located in other areas of the academy that is under other departments, and possibly some distance away from the main college department area. That is why the uniform is important in identifying who's who as a college student who has the classroom at, for example, the high school department won't be stopped by the high school principal for something that applies to high school students only. Priority of who uses the rooms depends on which department the room belongs to. Being able to accommodate more students is even more important today with the swelling number of students that came from the phenomenon of older people becoming young girls. Depending on the age they had become, they have to attend school of the level of what people of their age go to even if they had attended school before "in their previous life". The large majority of those "transformed" people happen to fall under the high school and college ages. All the Girls and co-Ed schools see classes filled to the maximum, but boys schools are seeing the opposite as everyone is being feminized and fewer children are being born. If this happens to the same person again they could actually be living forever as they can't get (biologically) old enough to die of old age. This is just an unconfirmed theory as the oldest known person who has already been transformed is some decades away from reaching the age of when the second time would be expected to happen. However, they are still vulnerable to dying of other causes, which is why reproduction is still important.

It's bad enough that less than half of those children born these days are boys. In the past, they made up about 60% of births. These boys-only schools are at the threat of being shut down if this keeps up if they don't go co-ed, but if they do, female students could easily make up more than three quarters of the student population in the first year due to the overflow from other schools.

Nobody likes the huge numbers of students, but the problem is that nobody could control it from happening. Hatsuya has already come up with a solution of women producing children should the male gender be completely extinct, but the methods seemed unnatural. I know because I was the test subject during the research stage, with my third and fourth child being the products from that experiment. I'm scared that I might become a different person if my behaviour were to be forcefully changed by external forces. Well, maybe still be able to be myself, but with the new behaviour forced on me over a long period of time, I might eventually give in. You see, all the men who had been turned into girls really behaved like girls, but no changes for the girls who behave like boys, which I fall into. I forsee that this could happen at the same time, or after, when all the males become females, making the male gender extinct. That itself is of an unknown time, but the rate it is happening now tells me that it could happen in less than half a century.

My son's academic performance is surprisingly quite good for a middle school year 1 student even though he was only in primary school year 1 just the year before. Other traits that he had, or as far as I am aware of at least, is that he is well disciplined, communicates with people, and enjoying facilities in Mizuho that most schools, including mine, never had. For a 7-year-old, it kind of too young to tell if his current behavior is his normal behavior, or is influenced by the uniform. One thing for sure is that, if people don't know him, they would see him as an intelligent 15-year-old girl. Despite the large variety of uniform designs in use, Mizuho uniforms are easily distinguished from other school uniforms.


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