381st post: preview for k-on episode 8

In the preview for K-On episode 8, I spotted Ui (Yui's younger sister by 1 year) to be wearing the Sakura High with a red ribbon on it. It's not obvious due the primary focus on other members. With the fast-paced nature, with the previous episode being Christmas and New Year themed, this episode seem to be exactly a year from episode 1. Looking around, Azusa Nakano could also be joining them. With them performing at the Budokan before they graduate, and 5 episodes left before the end of the spring season, I wouldn't be surprised that K-On would have 24 episodes in total.

I know I'm behind on doing this, but I had just posted my writeup on episode 4 earlier today, where they head to the beach. Far behind enough that the widescreen (and uncropped) version to be avalable.

Why are they are wearing maid costumes? Probably having a club showcase for the newcommers or something.


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